Wednesday, May 24, 2017


No records have been located of Democrat Rob Quist selective service registration. The Montana special election candidate was proudly anti-war and now it appears he dodged the draft.  We need your help to defeat Rob Quist!

The Montana special election is just a day away. Late reports reveal the Selective Service cannot find any record of Quist registering for the draft as all 18-year olds at that time did. We know from interviews with Quist that he was fiercely against the Vietnam war and joined in the anti-war efforts.

Now it seems that he also broke the law by not registering for the draft. This makes him a hero to the left but shows that Quist is not the candidate Americans should want representing them in D.C. 

Businessman Greg Gianforte is the conservative candidate. We know from records that he did register for the draft. Gianforte will fight to uphold the Constitution, defend our freedom and ensure our gun rights while fighting for limited government.
Mr. Gianforte is a successful businessman who started a tech company that is the largest employer in his home town. He created good jobs that help the economy and put families back to work. 
He wants to fix the VA and help veterans get what was promised to them because he knows the sacrifices that veterans have made for this nation. The choice is clear: A conservative who loves America or a leftist who joined with radicals in opposing our soldiers in Vietnam.
Progressive groups, Democrat Super PACS and the liberal media are excited about the chance to win this special election. They have ignored the story that could derail their leftist candidate:
"The National Archives "conducted an extensive search" and was unable to locate any record of Montana Democrat Rob Quist registering with the Selective Service System, the United States government's list of individuals eligible for conscription to the military.
Quist's campaign did not respond to inquiries into whether he ever registered for the Selective Service. 
Failing to register for the Selective Service was one way that anti-Vietnam War activists recommended that people oppose the war effort."
The Democrats don't want voters to know this information beforetomorrow's election. It is imperative we do all we can to tell voters about the choice they are making. 

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Thank You for Defending Freedom! 

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