Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Our History and Destiny are in Jerusalem! CLICK HERE for Latest Israel News!
United with IsraelTrump Makes No Mention of Palestinian State; Watch Thousands Join Jerusalem ‘Flag Dance’; Why Did Israel Go to War in 1967? 
Israel Celebrates 50 Years of a Reunited Jerusalem!
WATCH: ‘Our History and Destiny Are in Jerusalem’
WATCH: Tens of Thousands Join in Jerusalem ‘Flag Dance’

In Israel, Trump Makes No Mention of Palestinian State 
WATCH: US Embassy Should Be in Jerusalem, Israelis Say 
Netanyahu: We Did Not Conquer Jerusalem, We Liberated It 
WATCH: Senator Cruz Commemorates Jerusalem Day, Calls for Embassy Move 
Netanyahu: Temple Mount will Remain Under Israeli Sovereignty Forever 
WATCH: Jerusalem of Old, in Living Color! 
Jerusalem Experiences Significant Population Growth 
WATCH: Why Did Israel Go to War in 1967? 
Trump: ‘Terrible’ Nuclear Deal Has ‘Emboldened’ Iran 
WATCH: Life in the United City of Jerusalem 
Trump’s Middle East Envoy, UN Ambassador on Way to Israel 
WATCH: Jerusalem – In the Eye of the Universe!
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