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Jihad in the Philippines: Muslims bomb Christian city, 14 dead, 50 wounded

The majority Catholic nation has been under siege by Muslims waging jihad. Bloody terror.

Slogan after Manchester jihad concert bombing: “DON’T LET THE RACISTS DIVIDE US”

Soldiers of Allah slaughtered our little girls with nail bombs, bombs with bolts -- and the take away? "Don't let the racists divide us." Yeah, racists are the problem.
If you aren't 'woke' after the bombing a kids concert, you are already dead. Finished.

Man ‘with a large knife and a baseball bat’ storms vigil for Manchester victims in Birmingham

A man armed with knife and baseball bat was detained where people had gathered paying tribute to the Manchester victims were interrupted by the man's protests.

Horror VIDEO: Elderly Jewish Man Brutally Beaten In Unprovoked Attack Near L.A. Synagogue

Suspect at Large After Elderly Jewish Man Brutally Beaten In Unprovoked Attack Near L.A. Synagogue

Before Bombing, Manchester’s Top Cop Pushed Islamic Claims of Islamophobia

Under the sharia, criticism of Islam is punishable by death. Western media and law enforcement have submitted to Islamic law. And it is crippling our ability to fight this battle for our freedom and our lives.

British Army now on streets of Britain

Martial Law in all but name and authoritative implementation. They are preparing for more attacks.
This is war. But the West is fighting it bound and gagged.

Manchester jihadi & Didsbury mosque: Salman Abedi was “devout Muslim” “learned the Qur’an by heart” “would do the five and call the adhan” Didsbury mosque

A devout Muslim who prayed every day. ”Salman and his brother Ismail worshipped at Didsbury mosque, where their father, who is known as Abu Ismail within the community, is a well-known figure. “He used to do the five and call the adhan. He has an absolutely beautiful voice. And his boys learned the Qur’an by heart. Here is another devout Muslim “misunderstanding” Islam in the exact same way as millions of other Muslims. How did this misunderstanding of Islam become so widespread?

Manchester Muslim Suicide Bomber: ‘He was chanting Islamic prayers loudly in the street’

Did people report him? Of course not. They would risk prosecution for being racist (even though Islam is not a race) or Islamophobic (an obscene thought crushing device to silence criticism of jihad terror). Just like the neighbors of San Bernadino jihad mass murderers, neighbors noticed strange goings-on at the house of the jihadis but didn't alert authorities for fear of being labeled racist-islamophobic-anti-Muslim-bigots.

Muslim tweeted PRIOR to slaughter which named #Manchester Arena, Islamic State groups warn murders WILL follow #ArianaGrande bombing

ISIS tweets make threats of further vehicle attacks on British streets. No surprise there - of more interest is a tweet prior to the Manchester slaughter which named the Manchester Arena. Clearly the attack was widely anticipated - it is not unreasonable to conclude that many must have known of it in advance. “Today we fight you on our land, and tomorrow on your land, by Allah’s permission.

Assemblyman Dov Hikind on #CancelSarsour Protest: “The problem is the deafening silence.” “We won’t be silent”

Here is the embodiment of what every American should look for in a politician: Hikind is brave, honest and true to freedom. Read his statement on why he is speaking at our protest.

Vile CBS Reporter Jokes on Manchester: ‘Last Time I Listened to Ariana Grande, I Almost Died, Too’

You probably couldn't get more tasteless or unfeeling that David Leavitt, a mainstream media freelance journalist who thought it quite OK to crack jokes about the Manchester terror attack that left adults and children dead and injured.

Here is how the Wall Street Journal brainwashes you

Same Newspaper. Same Date. Same Story. Same Picture.

#ArianaGrande Jihadi Salman Abedi was known to British authorities prior to Islamic attack, “not thought to be an immediate threat”

The devout Muslim who was arrested in the Ariana Grande jihad bombing of the Manchester arena was "known to authorities." Sources said he was not thought to be an immediate threat. Of course not. Why would he be? if Islam is not the problem, why would he. be a threat?
So who does the UK consider a threat? Well, me for one, because I oppose jihad terror. It's whyt they banned me and Robert Spencer, Michael Savage and, at one time, Geert Wilders.

Liberals Worry About Muslims’ Feelings After Manchester Bombing

Like a good liberal -- how else to describe the fact that left-leaning ideologues have taken to Twitter to express worry about Muslims' feelings, post-ISIS terror attack at the Ariana Grande concert?

House IT Aides Fear Suspects in Data Breach are Blackmailing Members

Months ago, there was a substantial IT breach in the House of Representatives. But the five identified as suspects -- a House aide and his relatives -- have curiously avoided any sort of punitive backlash.

Breitbart News Daily: Pamela Geller, “Universities Normalizing Anti-Semitic Voices like Linda Sarsour but Silencing Jewish Conservatives”

If you missed my segment on Breitbart radio talking about our #CancelSarsour protest -- listen to this interview and RSVP to the protest here. Now more than ever. Sarsour, a pro-terror spokesperson, should absolutely be canceled In light of the Ariana Grande jihad slaughter. She stands with the jihad.

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