Wednesday, May 10, 2017


by Lee S Gliddon Jr

The Left, ( The Progressive Liberal crowd) are going totally overboard in the attempts to demonizing President Trump. Their constant drumbeat is, 'Trump is unfit, Trump is crazy. Trump is hateful, and such nonsense.

Democrat politicians are leading the way with, not only foolish, inane claims designed to demean President Trump, but to do anything imaginable to totally destroy him. Any position taken by the Left that somehow makes it's way into President Trump's graces is immediately decried as either illegal or foolish and, of course, damnable.

At this time it is apparent that the Left, in it's zeal to confront anything President Trump sees necessary to further the goals and desires of the Americans who elected him to office, is grounds for naming 'Special Prosecutors' or standing in his way to achieve blocking his path.

Not only is the Left opposing President Trump in political matters, but they have begun to employ vicious tactics and injurious manners by utilizing  the powers exerted by George Soros to disrupt America.

I now charge the Left, and any Democrat Representative and/or Senator, with the crime of 'SEDITION.'

If you look up the meaning of the word, SEDITION, you learn that the definition is: Action to cause rebellion against a government. Or, INSURRECTION, which is the act of trying to OVERTHROW a government.

The Left cannot deny that there is nothing they are unwilling to do to depose President Trump. The Left has gone so far as to suggest that President Trump be assassinated!

If one takes the time to look at President Trump's accomplishments, and they are many, it will be learned that he is fulfilling the promises made in his campaign. Although Congress is dragging their heels, President Trump, although impatiently, awaits their action.

There are Judges, many of the Leftist view, and bureaucrats of the same ilk, who do anything possible to deny President Trump fulfillment of promises, and they too are guilty of gross misconduct and, in some cases. border on sedition!

The recurring cry of the Left is, 'Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election.

The Left ignores Clapper, the Left ignores Sen Feinstein, and doggedly repeats, "Trump colluded with Russia."

Ex-President Obama caused surveillance of the Trump campaign yet the Left is, by their silence, complicit in such surveillance! Although Susan Rice, who is a Leftist,wrongfully revealed names of Trump supporters, Democrats all but yawn at one of the biggest scandals of the2016 campaign.

So...we, the people of the United States of America have a man, President Trump, doing all he can to properly fulfill the duties of the Office he holds only to face the Left, a group of men and women who are complicit in their willingness to commit sedition or any other act to do anything to line their own pockets as they fail the citizenry of this great nation.

The Left is now not only hypocritical, but as guilty as sin in their lust for all controlling power!

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