Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Refugees Account for Shockingly High Number of Terrorism Investigations in the USA

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Torture and Abuse of Ammon Bundy in Prison is not Going Unnoticed 

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ACLU Lawyer says Trump’s Immigration Order would be Constitutional if Hillary Clinton Ordered It

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So-called “Deradicalization” Muslim Religious Leader Arrested for Being a Terrorist 
Take a Breath – The Comey Firing was No Big Deal 
Democrat Hypocrisy made Clear in Comey Firestorm 
The Michael Flynn “Scandal” is a Nothingburger 
Democrats: Still trying to Sell the Same Ol’ Lies! 
Thanks, POTUS, For Breaking-Up The Annual Correspondents’ Dinner Fiasco 
Truer Words Never Spoken: Obama says “You get the Politicians You Deserve” 
Comey Out 
Buzz Aldrin has an Epic Plan for Colonizing Mars by 2020 
Polls Prove Hillary Clinton’s Support Collapsed BEFORE the Comey Letter was Released 

School Suspends Girl after Being Jumped by 8 Girls 
News You Can Use for May 10, 2017 
California Looking to Allow Communists to Enter State Government Roles
Steak Aficionado Obama Blames Meat Eaters For Global Warming in $3M Speech 
Chicago Facing Mass Exodus As City Transforms Into Gang-Ridden Hellscape 
VIDEO: New World War III Prediction Arrives From Surprising Source 
Russia Puts On Show of Military Might With Arctic-Centric Message 
ACLU Issues Travel Advisory for Texas, Including for U.S. Citizens 
Nuclear Accident in Washington State at Plutonium Plant 
Senator Lindsey Graham says Obama DNI Clapper “Contradicted” Himself about Surveillance of Trump 
Trump Didn’t Win because of Comey or Russia – He Won because of the Culture War 
Actor Antonio Sabato Jr. is Running for Congress in California and He Needs Your Help 
Hollywood Liberal and Bernie Sanders Supporter says Steve Bannon has “Great Character” and “Is Not a Racist” 
Democrats still Demagoguing on Healthcare 
Did Obama DNI James Clapper Commit Perjury on Monday? 

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