Wednesday, May 10, 2017


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Devout ‘DERADICALIZATION” Imam hailed by NY Times ARRESTED for ISIS jihad terror

Imam Abu Adam Hesham Shashaa, a heralded imam of peace, beloved by the New York Times (much the way they too fawned over Anwar Awlaki until the truth about him was revealed) was arrested for secretly working and fighting for the Islamic State.

Forward writer: “I’m A Zionist And A Feminist. I Stand With Linda Sarsour.” #judenrat

Is anyone surprised? If you know the “Jewish” Forward, you wouldn’t be.

Comey: Trump’s Initial Travel Ban Could Have Stopped Refugee Terrorism

The party that embraces a terror spox like Linda Sarsour will never allow let alone support policy(s) that would protect and defend Americans and oppose jihad and sharia. They would rather see Americans dead.

VIDEO: Muslim who SET MULTIPLE SYNAGOGUES ABLAZE arrested in Las Vegas

Islamic Jew-hatred - it's in the Quran. This is the same virulent hatred of the Jews in the Muslim world which fuels the jihad against the tiny Jewish state of Israel.

Meat-cleaver wielding attacker ‘storms two Jewish shops, shouting ‘you Jews run away’ at litle Jewish girls

A man armed with a meat cleaver has been arrested after storming into two Jewish shops and threatening young Jewish girls.

BREAKING! MILO to Speak at AFDI #CancelSarsour Protest May 25 in NYC

MILO Yiannopoulos will be joining us in our protest against CUNY's antisemitic commencement keynote speaker -- the pro-sharia and pro-terror supporter Linda Sarsour. Don't miss it this!

Photos/Video: Radicals for Linda Sarsour Presser NYC City Hall

The city's most notorious demagogues, bigots and Jew-haters came out to support pro-terror, BDS leader and proud antisemite Linda Sarsour. It was a small group but very influential in hard left radical circles, nonetheless. They mean to bully CUNY into keeping the egregious invitation by a Muslim dean to Sarsour to keynote a Commencement address.

“Moderate” Indonesia: Jakarta’s Christian governor Ahok found guilty in Islam blasphemy trial

Indonesia, the country held up as the shining example of a moderate, modern Muslim country. Jakarta -- the city where President Obama grew up. Is it any wonder Obama wanted us dead in Garland, Texas? We were guilty of the same crime as this persecuted Christian governor - "blasphemy' under Islam.

Turkish President/Caliph Erdoğan tells Muslims to flood Jerusalem

Imagine if the President or the Pope told Christians and Jews to flood Mecca. Jerusalem is named in the Jewish bible over 700 times but never mentioned in the Quran. This is what Islam demands. The destruction and falsifying of all other believe systems so that "Allah is made victorious overall other religions."

Jihad in Thailand: Massive Twin Islamic bombings in Department Store, Supermarket Shopping Centre

The jihad in Thailand rages on escalating in recent months. Racked by Islamic terror and violence, this peaceful Buddhist country cannot sustain this relentless campaign of terror and carnage. Where are the news reports on this horror? The cries of buddhaphobia?

VIDEO: Germany Norms the New Rape Culture

Video: Refugees' view of women

CHAOS in Europe: HUNDREDS of Muslim migrants storm Spanish border fence, several police officers injured

This is what invasion looks like.
Television footage showed Muslim migrants from Morocco perched on the top of the fence as they tried to get over. Police were wounded. Other videos taken by local residents showed migrants fleeing down the streets once they scaled the fence.
This is what war looks like.

PARIS ON LOCKDOWN: Europe’s busiest train stations evacuated as heavily-armed cops storm Paris train station in hunt for ‘three dangerous men’

Welcome to Macron's France. Sweetness, tolerance, "the great humanist face" and jihad.
Not even day has passed since the election without abject terror.

‘Let’s put BULLETS in them’: Washington, DC Muslim Ex-Marine wanted to start a race war, tried to buy AK-47

A former U.S. Marine Corps member who a court document says pledged support to the Islamic State and expressed a desire to “conduct a violent revolution against whites” is facing federal weapons charges after allegedly illegally purchasing an AK-47 from an FBI informant.

17-Year-Old Gay Teen Pushed Off 9th Floor Balcony By Uncle After He Was Outed By Chechen Family

“They tell the parents to kill their child,” said one man who managed to escape. “They say, ‘Either you do it or we will.’ They call it, ‘Cleaning your honor with blood.’”

Trump’s 2020 Foe Potential Emerges as Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Team Trump is already looking at the 2020 election, and seeing Sen. Elizabeth Warren as a leading Democratic contender.

UK: Muslim former member of group that celebrated 9/11 now working as delivery driver

A former right-hand man of hate preacher Anjem Choudary who fought in Syria is now back in the UK – working as a takeaway delivery driver.

Double Murder Suspect Gets 364-Day Sentence, as Judge Saves Him From Deportation

A judge handed down a 364-day sentence to a double murderer and bank robber in order that he might avoid deportation.

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