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This charming man on an open thread

This charming man, indeed.
Morrissey and The Smiths were the soundtrack of my heady twenties. It had slipped my mind until I saw this Facebook post by Morrissey in the wake of the jihad bombing of the Ariana Grande concert.

Video shows Muslim ‘youth’ beating Dutch girl

It's horrible. It's also a metaphor for the hijrah (immigration jihad) and the West.

VIDEO Manchester jihad: BBC audience member describes Didsbury mosque’s anti-Western leaflets

Watch this quick clip of a man who describes the kind of anti-Western literature the Manchester Muslim bomber's mosque distributes. Of course, the BBC has a Muslima mouthpiece on hand to defend the Didsbury mosque. She regurgitates the same well-worn Islamic-talking-points-to-the-West. "The lines are taken out of context..."
"How is it taken out of context? It's right there."

DHS chief: If you knew what I knew about terror, you’d ‘never leave the house’

Sixteen years after the September 11th attacks, this is where we are. And for the past 15 years, a handful of us have worked tirelessly to educate, warn and prepare freedom loving peoples of and for the threat through our activism, protests, conferences, free speech lawsuits, books, news websites etc.
For that we were smeared, attacked, our reputations destroyed. Multiple Islamic assassination plots against have been foiled. But still we soldiered on because we knew. We were right.

Dearborn Muslim sues Little Caesars for $100 MILLION over a pizza

A Muslim man who says Little Caesars served him a pizza with pepperoni made with pork has filed a lawsuit seeking $100 million.

Ramadan Bomb-a-thon: ISIS Threatens Las Vegas Strip on New Video “Credible Threat”

An ISIS propaganda video that threatens to attack that targets the Las Vegas strip is causing authorities enough concern that they sent out warning notices to hotels on the famous Strip.
Cue up the CAIR propaganda and dawah. Don't even think of counter terrorism actions, you islamphobes!

“Smirking” Muslima Accomplice in Manchester jihad bombing

I am sure that security did nothing about this because clearly this concerned parent was a racist-islamophobic-anti-Muslim-bigot.

Daily Mail: “Violence erupts” as protesters chanting “make America great again” clash with demonstrators after Linda Sarsour’s CUNY commencement speech

The story isn't about violence. The story is we are pushing back against this leftist/Islamic goosestepping army. The fact is the only reason the cowards at CUNY haven't cancelled Sarsour is that they are afraid that her co-religionists and their leftist lapdogs will blow the place up.

UK’s Channel 4 interviews Manchester Muslima wearing shirt with LOVE spelled out with guns, knives and grenades

This echoes the double messaging the Muslim world employs when talking to the West and to the ummah (worldwide Muslim community. Much like the Saudi king during Trump's visit to Riyadh or the Ground Zero mosque imam Rauf, Muslim leaders say one thing to naive, gullible Western leaders and media and another to their people.But this Muslima's shirt removes the wall between the two.

Trump Chastises NATO Allies: Quit Riding U.S. Taxpayers and Pay Up

President Donald Trump unleashed a delightful scold on the deadbeats of NATO, tellling the allied countries who've not met their financial obligations to the global partnership to pay up, or shut up.

Robert Spencer: The Left’s Road Leads to Manchester

Once every foe of jihad terror is demonized and silenced, who will be left to speak out in resistance?

Catholic Priest, Worshippers Seized, 21 Killed, in ISIS Attack in Philippines

ISIS-tied terrorists abducted the priest and several worshippers during a gunfight with government forces in a southern Philippines city.

Ramadan begins in Egypt: 26 Christians dead, 26 wounded

Gunmen in military fatigues opened fire on a bus carrying members of Egypt’s Coptic Christian minority killing at least 26 people, including children, the latest in a string of militant attacks targeting the community.

Australia: Head of Muslim group that calls for non-Muslims to be killed warns of “Holocaust” against Muslims

An Islamist extremist group says Muslims could be locked up in Australian 'concentration camps' and compared the possibility to the Holocaust.

Didsbury Mosque and Manchester Muslim leaders presented as voices of coexistence sent VILE ANTISEMITIC TWEETS

In recent days, as Manchester reels from the atrocity inflicted at the Manchester Arena, Fawzi Haffar and Dr Siema Iqbal have been presented as local Muslim leaders in Manchester who speak out firmly against extremism, but according to a collection of tweets brought to light by Manchester-based North West Friends of Israel, both Mr Haffar and Dr Iqbal eschew their moderate messages when it comes to Jews.

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