Saturday, May 27, 2017

BERTRAND DAILY REPORT 05/27/2017 FOLLOw UP TO ARMAGEDDON (posted 05/26/2017)

The Takeover – America This is Your Wake Up Call, Communism is Rising in Our Society
Nate Brown
Communism is a virus. The political ideology is not contained to any race or creed rather it can infect any one individual through mass subliminal brainwashing.
In the short term, communistic political rule is obtained through fear, control, and murder.
In the long term, it is accomplished by invading the subconscious of innocent minds which can take decades before full and complete control of a populace takes place.
Rather than by force, the last free nation on Earth is being subdued by a political ideology once thought defeated, but in reality, communism is alive and well within the United States of America.
Concerned citizens of the Old Guard of the United States, were watchful and warned of such a thing. But still, today, communism is running rampant throughout schools, homes, campuses, businesses, hospitals, local governments, and the federal government.
The war against the United States did not take days, weeks, months or even years, but rather decades upon decades.
While Marxism, Leninism, and Stalinism are all overt communistic political ideologies; the effort against the United States is covert, it’s subliminal, and it’s almost complete.
A document, purportedly obtained in Germany, in 1919, details a takeover of the United States – one that would not happen overnight, but one that required each generation to be on guard.
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