Thursday, May 25, 2017


Minneapolis Mayor Gives State Of The City Address At Mosque After Manchester Islamic Attack: "We Stand With Our Muslim Community"
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Today's Articles

What Happened To NYPD’s Pedophile RICO Case Against Hillary? 
Manchester: Another City Demonstrating the Buzzards are Circling 
Whoa! Republican Candidate "Body Slams" Guardian Reporter - Charged with Assault 
Go Straight To The Fifth Paragraph Of The Latest NYT ‘Bombshell’ On Russia Collusion 
CNN Ambushes Pamela Geller in Attempt to Silence Dissent 
Handout Nation: Combined Enrollment In America’s 4 Largest Safety Net Programs Hits A Record High Of 236 Million 
EXCLUSIVE: Memphis VA Initiates Action To Remove Whistleblower With Long History Of Disclosures 
Friendly Slapdown of My Fellow Conservative Pundits 
No More Fake Conservatives 
Father and 3 family members of Manchester jihad bomber arrested, ‘was aware of all details’ and ‘planned own terror attack’ 
Obama Admin Leaks have Led to the Deaths of More than 20 Agents in China 
President Of Philippines Declares Martial Law After ISIS Group Captures City: “If You Fight Us, You Will Die” 
9-Year-Old Girl Rescues Woman Lying Face Down in Pool 
Report: Japan to “Drop Tanks” Full of Fukushima Nuclear Waste Directly Into Ocean 
$3.6 Trillion in Cuts to Welfare State being Proposed by Trump 

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