Thursday, May 25, 2017


Democrat Leader Caught on Tape Threatening Police Chief for Investigating Crimes Committed by her Staff

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President Trump Granted a Sick Girl’s Wish during his Packed MidEast Trip

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GOP Congressman says Feds Need to Examine Seth Rich’s Laptop for Evidence of Leaks

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Hypocrite Media Ignores Democrat’s Violence and Arrest 
WikiLeaks Ally Kim DotCom Makes BIG Announcement on Fake Russia-Trump Collusion Story 
Country Legend Charlie Daniels Delivers Scathing Open Letter to Democrat Leaders 
Latest Planned Parenthood Video Shows Directors Joking about Murdering Babies 
Enough With the Anonymous Sources Already 
Shock Report: Obama Administration KNOWINGLY Allowed MS-13 Gang Members into the US 
Manchester Massacre Was Murder-By-Muslim Immigrant 
The CBO Score on Obamacare Doesn’t tell the Whole Story 
Memorial Day 2017: “Freedom Is Not Bought Cheaply” 
The Media’s Misguided Focus 

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Alabama Set To Protect Police From Attacks With Hate Crime Designation
British Sniper Delivers Killshot to Jihadist From HOW FAR Away?! 
Whistleblower Drops Bombshell On Obama’s Cooperation with MS-13 Gang 
Hawaii Getting Serious About North Korean Missile Threat 
China Makes Nasty Threats to U.S. Warships in South China Sea 
Did the Russians Trick Comey on Hillary? 
New Data Shows Shocking Correlation Between Concealed Carry and Crime 
How Bad Bible Prophecy Undermines America’s Church 
News You Can Use for May 25, 2017 
Portland Takes Honor of Snowflake Capital Of United States 
Even John Podesta Has No Hope for Trump Impeachment 
Facebook Takes Strange Globalist Stance, Allowing Holocaust Denial 
Nuclear Emergency Warning In NJ Turns Out To Be Accident, Frightens Residents 
Twitter Goes Fully Fascist, Suspends News Agency for Seth Rich Story 
Terror Network Sought After Manchester Attack, Five Arrested in Connection 

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