Thursday, May 25, 2017


Veterans Fight Back Against Anti-American HOA Flag Rules

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Leftists Continue Crusade Against Seth Rich Truthers, Pressuring Hannity Advertisers

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Obama Heads to Germany To Mock Trump with “Wall” Comment

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The Media’s Misguided Focus 
Alabama Set To Protect Police From Attacks With Hate Crime Designation 
British Sniper Delivers Killshot to Jihadist From HOW FAR Away?! 
Whistleblower Drops Bombshell On Obama’s Cooperation with MS-13 Gang 
Hawaii Getting Serious About North Korean Missile Threat 
China Makes Nasty Threats to U.S. Warships in South China Sea 
Did the Russians Trick Comey on Hillary? 
New Data Shows Shocking Correlation Between Concealed Carry and Crime 
How Bad Bible Prophecy Undermines America’s Church 
News You Can Use for May 25, 2017 

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Portland Takes Honor of Snowflake Capital Of United States 
Even John Podesta Has No Hope for Trump Impeachment 
Facebook Takes Strange Globalist Stance, Allowing Holocaust Denial 
Nuclear Emergency Warning In NJ Turns Out To Be Accident, Frightens Residents 
Twitter Goes Fully Fascist, Suspends News Agency for Seth Rich Story 
Terror Network Sought After Manchester Attack, Five Arrested in Connection 
Anti-Gun Homeowner Has Sudden Change of Heart in Face of Home Invasion 
Check out the List of 66 Programs Axed by the New Trump Budget 
Bundy Ranch Prisoners Speak Out: If America Knew what was Happening, they’d be Outraged 
Chinese Student Graduates from University of Maryland Praising USA, gets Condemned in China 
Secretary of Defense asks for More Bombs to Kill ISIS with! 
Democrats are Consistent: Consistently Wrong, Bigoted, Racist, and Crazy! 
Proof that the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is Jewish 
See No Evil, Except “Islamophobia” 
Trump’s Budget just $50 Billion Less than Obama’s 

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