Thursday, April 27, 2017


UN Resolution to Reject Israeli Control of Jerusalem; CLICK for Latest Israel News!
World Israel NewsTrump to Visit Israel Ahead of Jerusalem Day; Watch Media Attack on Ivanka and Jared; Patriot Missile Shoots Down Aircraft Over Israel 
Report: Israel Bombs Targets in Syria Causing Massive Explosions
Upcoming UN Resolution to Reject Israeli Sovereignty Over Jerusalem
WATCH: Trump Tells Moving Story of Holocaust Survivor Who Married Jewish-American Rescuer
Report: Trump to Visit Israel Ahead of Jerusalem Day Festivities 
WATCH: Media Attacks Ivanka Trump and Her Husband 
Le Pen Seeks to Ban Religious Slaughter of Animals 
Patriot Missile Intercepts Aircraft Flying Over Israel’s Golan Heights 
Syrian Official Threatens to Respond to Israeli Strike 
WATCH: Begin’s Brilliant Rebuke to German Official Still Relevant 
Iran Behind Massive Cyberattack on Israel 
Liberman in Moscow: ‘Israel will not Allow Concentration of Iranian Forces in Golan’ 
Pope Refuses Bulletproof Vehicle for Upcoming Visit to Egypt 
IDF Official: US-North Korea Tensions Could Impact Israel 
WATCH: Protesters Gather at NY Home of Nazi War Criminal No Country Wants 
US Navy Clashes Again with Iranian Vessel 
Iranian Presidential Candidate: US Should Fear Us
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