Thursday, April 27, 2017


Today's Top Stories

Trump Win, As Freedom Caucus Endorses Obamacare Opt-Out Bill

President Donald Trump is going to gather some serious political chips if the Freedom Caucus and other Republicans manage to move ahead with a so-far, so-good version of an Obamacare overhaul.

Germany Finds Number of Migrant Criminal Suspects Soars by 50 Percent

Germany's Interior Ministry reported the country's seen a massive hike in the number of criminal reports involving migrant suspects -- a 50 percent hike, for that matter.

Obama Freed 7 Iranians Who Were Threats to National Security

Barack Obama, it seems, did more than make a nuclear pact with Iran that will likely give it serious weapons power in the coming years -- he also freed some Iranians who are considered threats to America's national security.

CUNY Cowards Defends Decision to Host Pro-Sharia Jew-Hater as Commencement Honoree: PROTEST JUNE 1 – BE THERE

They disinvited Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Nonie Darwish, Ann Coulter, Milo, legions of conservative thinkers and voices in defense of freedom, but a vicious, pro-shari, Jew-hater they will defend to the death, and that is it right there.

Trump To Initiate ‘Long Overdue’ Review Of Potential Antiquities Act Abuses

President Donald Trump will order the Department of the Interior to review about 30 national monuments that have been designated over the last 20 years.

Pelosi-Backed PAC Took Funds From Owner of Site Tied to Underage Prostitution

A political action committee that is backed by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) took funds from the co-owner of a website that is linked to underage prostitution.

Pentagon Caves To Terror-Tied CAIR Demands, Agrees to ‘Review’ Anti-Terror Training Program

The Pentagon has agreed to formally review an anti-terror training program for material deemed offensive to Islam and Muslims.

Schoolboy, whose legs were AMPUTATED after beatings by Muslim religious school staffer, DIES

The stunning takeaway was this. When the boy died, "the family had already read the Yassin." Really? I would have run so hard and and so fast away from the ideology that killed my son. If that isn't your 'come to Jesus' moment, I don't know what is.

Ivy League Schools Did Not Disclose $246 MILLION in Taxpayer Funding

An analysis of over $200 million in research projects conducted by Ivy League institutions found that none disclosed how they spent taxpayer dollars, in violation of federal law.

UK: Manchester Mayoral Candidate Delivers Video Manifesto Entirely in Urdu

A British mayoral candidate has caused controversy after delivering a video manifesto on the BBC website completely in Urdu.

“Palestinian” wounds four Israelis in Tel Aviv stabbing attack

A Palestinian stabbed and slightly wounded four people along Tel Aviv's beachfront on Sunday and was arrested, police said, describing the attack as terrorism-related.

Indiana State University Muslim Professor Arrested After Making Up Anti-Muslim Threats and Assault

Aviation students at Indiana State University will need a new teacher. That’s because Professor Azhar Hussain was arrested on Friday for making up an assault, and also anti-Muslims threats. Not only might he face prison time, but his employers have already distanced themselves from him.

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