Thursday, April 27, 2017


Trump Ready to Yank Federal Government Out of K-12 Education with Executive Order 

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Vladimir Putin Warns of Dire Situation on Korean Peninsula After Meeting with Japanese Leaders

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VIDEO: Border Patrol Council President FURIOUS With Stalling of Border Wall, Ready to Dump Trump Over It

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Breaking Down the Barriers to Prosperity 
Trump Administration Insider Admits Military is Prepping for North Korean Conflict 
France’s Marine Le Pen Makes Massive Surge This Week As Election Rolls On 
Sean Hannity Jumps on “New Fascism” Bandwagon, Threatens Lawsuits 
South Korea Believes Kim Jong Un Could Test Nuke “Within Hours” 
Israel Conducts Airstrike On Syria in The Dead of Night 
Guess How Many Hypocritical Democrats Supported a Border Wall Just a Few Years Ago? 
After Arkansas Executions, Angry Blogger calls Biblical Justice “Stupid” 
News You Can Use for April 27, 2017 
UC Berkeley’s Censorship of Conservatives So Repugnant, Even The ACLU Abhors It 

Japan Urges Citizens to Prepare For North Korean Nuclear Strike, Given 10 Minute Window 
White House Senate Briefing on North Korea Was “Sobering”, Say Attendees
NBC News Pushes Nuclear Attack Preparedness as Gotham Shield and North Korea Loom Large 
New Study Reveals Just How Tolerant Liberals Are…The Results Are Dumbfounding 
Iran Steps Up Aggression Toward U.S. Ships in Persian Gulf 
House Conservatives Agree to Support New GOP Obamacare Repeal Deal 
Drunk or Senile? Nancy Pelosi Butchers English Language During Recent Speech 
Conservative Leaders Fight to Kill Zombies in D.C. 
Sean Hannity Fights Back Against Effort to “Silence” Conservative Media 
Shock Report: Hillary Clinton Aides Threatened Prime Minister’s Son With IRS Audit 
Obama Reminds America that the Democrats have NO Leadership 
Happy Earth Day, Happy Science Day, Happy Liberal Crazy Day 
President Trump Promises to Fight Against Antisemitism 
Online Gaming its not Broken, but Lets Fix it Anyway 
Double Standards 

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