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Submitted by: David Bertrand

Many comments from this network of patriots, but very divided.....

Let me add mine, William Bissel and John Spring's detailed analysis below these comments.....  

Two versions of the intel coming at us and because I personally trust Seymour Hersh's assessment of Sarin Nerve Gas, taken from Libya and transferred to McCain's rebels for such an act we are seeing now, the possibility of Assad using chemicals, after (supposedly) getting rid of his stockpile, seems remote at the very least. Trump should have conferred with Putin on a joint investigation team to investigate before launching 59 missiles. Besides, if Trump truly believes that Assad was directly responsible, he will proceed with troops on the ground for a regime change, but that also remains to be seen with Russia in Syria.

I think one more missile strike on another airfield and that should keep MSM busy for a while....

Seymour Hersh

The following excerpt is from William Bissel in our network....

    Thanks for your input,

    Dave Bertrand

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    John W. Spring
    John W. Spring is a Geographer who has studied the Middle East in greater depth since 1980. However, his regional specialty is actually East Asia and the Pacific Area so the following may also be of further interest.
    The decision made by President Donald J. Trump to order a U.S. Navy strike at an airbase in Syria was definitely justified. As a former U.S. Coast Guardsman, I learned some basic defense skills against Chemical Reagents. However, because my father, the late Carl C. Spring, USA, was a Chemical Warfare officer, I had acquired a considerably more advanced understanding of Chemical Weapons. Based upon my knowledge, the containers of Chemical Reagents that have been deployed in Syria appear to be of either former Soviet or Russian origin, which were probably confiscated from Germany during the end of World War II. As for the Chemical Weapons that were deployed by Saddam Hussein in Iraq against the Iranians and Kurds, those were probably produced in the West for American or German chemical companies when Donald Rumsfeld first went to Baghdad.
    Although the Tomahawk Missile strikes against Syria were justified, the United States must try to avoid any further conflicting involvement with the misanthropic regime of Bashar al-Assad. There will probably be more influence and pressure from The Heritage Foundation for a much larger deployment of American military forces in Syria, as was the case earlier in Iraq, but that would only lead to another full-scale war in the Middle East. Please remain aware of the current existing ties among Baghdad, Damascus and Tehran.
    As for the so-called Islamic State, the battle for west Mosul will continue. An invasion by the U.S. into Raqqa is a mistake because although ISIS now claims that it is their capital, in reality, the real headquarters is actually further east in northeastern Syria. However American and allied intelligence seem to still remain unaware of the location of this underground facility for ISIS.
    In the meantime, we still are involved in America’s longest war in Afghanistan was well as a larger military involvement in Iraq and the strategy now being used against ISIS is wrong. So, unless more Chemical Weapons are being deployed in Syria by the regime in Damascus, we must avoid further attacks against facilities of the Syrian Air Force where other foreign armed forces have also been stationed.
    John W. Spring
    Although we have been hearing some rather unfriendly rhetoric and threats being made by the leader of North Korea that remind me the children’s story of The Big Bad Wolf, I have also had an opportunity to see and briefly observe Kim Jong Un in person at a distance of less than only 20 feet away during his secret visit to the United States around “spring break” in 2013. When he got out of his bullet-proof sedan with a bodyguard, Kim appeared to be a rather young man. But he was aware that I had recognized him, perhaps one of the very few Americans who did. Then, with confidence, I helped my wife into our car and calmly walked around to the driver’s side and drove off.
    It seemed as if this young leader of one of the most hostile nations in the world, at least from our perspective, had a strong desire to visit the United States and possibly some of its people. But he was willing to take the risk. Of course, shortly afterwards, the missile and nuclear testing within North Korea had accelerated to the point that it would have been rather difficult for him to try to visit America at a later time. However, apparently after his earlier stay in Switzerland, he had an interest in visiting more of the West, which suggests that he might actually become receptive to establishing contacts with Washington. This idea needs to be further studied, but right away.
    Recently, after the successful “testing” of a very powerful rocket engine, Kim Jong Un was so elated that he picked up the oldest soldier present and gave him a “piggy-back” ride, which had never been reported before. So imagine, if you will for a moment, inheriting something shocking from a distant relative that is evil in the manner it produces wealth and power. Also, if you can, think of what it would be like to be the new owner who is in control, provided that he or she is willing to continue following the only accepted procedure as the boss of the mob. What would you do? One wrong move and you might become the next victim.
    So even though this guy seems to be different from the rest, if he fails to follow the instructions that are given to him by the hierarchy controlling Pyongyang and North Korea, his career ends.
    However, if Kim were receptive to making some contacts with Washington due to his current military power, rather than to reject him, it might actually become mutually beneficial to accept his invitation or even for us to take the initiative for establishing contacts with him.
    Consider for a moment what might be found on Mars someday, a world that had been destroyed by thermonuclear war. It could also happen on Earth, the planet that is still our world.

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