Saturday, April 8, 2017



RED ALERT: Russia Responds to Syria Strike


Assad Issues Immediate Response To Trump's Airstrikes [Video]
Posted by V. Saxena
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad just sent Trump a direct message. Read more…

Just In: Russia Just Retaliated To Syrian Airstrike In A Way No One Saw Coming
Posted by Jeff Neukom
Russia just made a shocking move that's grabbing everyone's attention. Read more…
Right After Syria Airstrikes, CNN Host Makes Stunning Declaration: 'I Think Donald Trump Became...'
Posted by Andrew Kerr
Wait until President Trump hears about what CNN just did... WOW. Read more…
John Bolton Blows Lid Off Susan Rice Scandal With 1 Brutal Question That Exposes Everything [Video]
Posted by Jack Davis
Leave it to John Bolton to ask the one question that no one else will. This reveals it all... Read more…
BREAKING: Putin Sends In Battleship - Here We Go... [Video]
Posted by Jack Davis
Donald Trump now has a MAJOR situation on his hands... Read more…
Right After Trump Hosts Wounded Warriors Event At White House, LOOK What Happens To Melania [Video]
Posted by Jack Davis
President Donald Trump just gave a speech about the Wounded Warrior Project Soldier Ride at the White House, and something about the first lady immediately had heads turning... Read more…
Just In: Ivanka Trump Breaks Silence On US Airstrikes With Huge Message For Her Dad
Posted by Randy DeSoto
Ivanka Trump knew exactly what to say in response to her dad's decision to authorize airstrikes in Syria. Read more…
Just In: Trump Considering Major Shake Up In The White House - Shock Report
Posted by Henry Kronk
This will definitely have jaws dropping. Read more…

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