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One of the main reasons for voting Trump as opposed to Hilary was that it was believed that Hillary was seen as starting a world war with Russia and Trump was seen as allying with Russia to destroy ISIS.  The truth be known that the Globalists working in and through the Obama administration had employed al Qaeda, ISIS and other terrorist Islamists as proxies, to otherthrow the middle east governments of Egypt, Libya and Syria.  The revolution in Egypt was countered by the Egyptians retaking their country from the Obama imposed Muslim Brotherhood.  The murder of Gaddafi in Libya gave rise to the transport of weapons, including chemical weapons,  from Benghazi to the newly formed ISIS in Syria and Iraq. The overthrow of Assad in Syria was stymied by the forces of Russia and Iran who came to support Assad in Syria.  The result of the Obama, Hillary and McCain  attempted coup in Syria has been the flooding of Europe of  Muslim military age males to overturn western civilization.

Now it appears the Trump has been flipped by the globalists to continue the Obama effort to secretly support ISIS while calling for their demise.  Trump needs all new advisors because this group of globalist Rino advisors is leading him down the garden path.  He must remember the poem he did with the woman saving a half frozen snake.  We can not succeed if we align with ISIS against Russia and Syria.

This strike on Syria was not very, very, very smart, with all due respect.

TOMAHAWKGATE: Who leaked classifed intelligenc to ISIS in Syria to coordinate with President Trump's Missile Launch

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A reality must not be lost in the President Trump ordered attack upon President Assad's Air Force in a cruise missile salvo, and that is most interestingly in ISIS began a mass ground attack upon Syrian Army positions at the exact same time, that Tomahawk missiles were grounding the Syrian air cover for her army.

Now how would Syrian terrorists know the exact moment to launch a ground offensive in there would not be any air cover for the Syrian Army?

The real question in this is, who had the intelligence, the motive, the access and the connections to pass along classified information to these terrorists to coordinate with the Trump Administration in an attack over chemical weapons, which evidence points to was not sarin gas, but most likely chlorine or another toxin, not in the air bombs, but in the facility which the Syrians were bombing, because it was these same terrorists?

ISIS swoops after Donald Trump Syria missile strike with attack 20 miles away

ISIS jihadis have reportedly launched an attack on a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) base just 20 miles away from the air base targeted by US president Donald Trump. 

One must travel back in time to piece this together, as the Yemen strike in January had all the earmarks of terrorists knowing the Americans were coming too. In this case, it was not Obama months in the planning, but in Syria the main action plan appeared to be generating 48 hours before the cruise missiles were launched.

The main planner in this was Sec. of Defense James Mattis.

A source familiar with the matter told CNN that Trump has told some lawmakers he's considering military action, but stressed that no decision had been made yet.
CNN reported that Trump was consulting with Defense Secretary James Mattis and will rely on his judgement before coming to a decision. 

In this same time frame at the 24 hour mark, there are press fingerprints in the time line, stating that around 24 members of Congress had been briefed before the missile attack.

Approximately two dozen members of Congress were briefed and notified about the strikes by the White House and Cabinet officials Thursday evening, according to a White House official.

This then shifts to those who were the most vocal for pressing President Trump to strike at Syria, and once again it was the three terror amigos of John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio, all ranting about striking Syria.

"The United States should lead an international coalition to ground Assad's air force," they said in a joint statement Thursday. "This capability provides Assad a strategic advantage in his brutal slaughter of innocent civilians, both through the use of chemical weapons as well as barrel bombs, which kill far more men, women and children on a daily basis."
.@SenJohnMcCain & @LindseyGrahamSC's statement on the need for action in Syria.
— Fox News (@FoxNews) April 6, 2017

We know for a fact from John McCain that he was hounding the President by phone, and knew exactly who was briefing the President, and the duo was Sec. Mattis who was conducting the planning, and the current Neocon favorite of Ivanka Trump in NSA McMaster, who had this information on exactly what the attack would be and when.
President Trump told Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) he would consult his national security team about Syria but did not indicate what specific options he is considering, McCain said Thursday.
“He said that he was talking to his military advisers, which is what any president would do,” McCain said, adding that Trump named Defense Secretary James Mattis and national security adviser H.R. McMaster.

Almost out of the Twilight Zone though, appearing before the attack was once again John McCain and Lindsey Graham outlining EXACTLY what President Donald Trump would be ordering, before the President apparently knew what he would be ordering.

John McCain and Lindsey Graham advocate cruise missiles and safe areas

Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham were interviewed on Fox News on Wednesday evening. Although they were interviewed separately, they made exactly the same points:
  • Military action is required.
  • Barack Obama is at fault for not solving this problem earlier.
  • Cruise missiles should be used to disable al-Assad’s air force.
  • Safe zones should be set up so that Syrian refugees in Europe and America could return to Syria.

Almost half a day before the attack was launched, the press had all the leaks it required in knowing exactly what the target would be in the Syrian Air Force, and most disturbingly that these Trump Cruise Missiles were going to be aimed at Russian Soldiers on the ground and that President Trump had SIGNED OFF ON RUSSIAN SOLDIERS BEING KILLED IN THIS ATTACK.

There is not any denying this. Sec. James Mattis and NSA HR McMaster KNEW that Russians were on the ground, and that they could be killed, and all three of them green lighted the McCain and Graham plan to send a mass salvo of cruise missiles into Syria, which was certainly going to spark WORLD WAR IV when mass casualties of Russians were dumped in President Putin's lap.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis will present the proposals to Donald Trump later today at the president’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.
One of the proposals drawn up is a “saturation strike” using dozens of cruise missiles designed to hit Syrian military targets — including military air fields — in an effort to limit future Syrian Air Force attacks on rebel positions, according to the two U.S. military officials.
The officials asked for anonymity to discuss classified plans.
The proposed strike would involve launching Tomahawk cruise missiles to overwhelm Russian air defense systems used by the Syrian military. The Russian government currently helps maintain the air defense sites and advises the Syrian military.
According to both U.S. military officials, the current proposal would likely result in Russian military deaths and mark a drastic escalation of U.S. force in Syria.

After that startling revelation, if one examines the time line, one discovers that John McCain was leading a charge in Congress which was going to ARM TERRORISTS IN SYRIA WITH STINGER MISSILES TO SHOOT DOWN RUSSIAN FIGHTER AIRCRAFT, and this was signed into law by the President.

Congress authorizes Trump to arm Syrian rebels with anti-aircraft missiles

The rebels “are being slaughtered as we speak. A genocide is taking place. It's a black mark on American history," McCain told Al-Monitor when asked about the MANPAD provision. “I think [Trump] is going to listen to the people he appoints as secretary of defense and secretary of state.”

This then returns to the February time line, when John McCain, appeared in Terror Turkey, with US official support, crossed the border into Syria, and met with the McCain "good terrorists" there in the photo which is featured at the top of the page.

Senator John McCain (R-AZ), chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, made a secret trip to Kurdish territory in Syria last weekend, where he visited American military personnel. He also met with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey on his way home.

Revisit what we know concerning the "chemical weapon's attack" in Syria. According to Cheri Berens, the Syrian Air Force bombed an al Qaeda chemical weapon mine factory. This blog has reported that Turkey's assets in Syria are al Qaeda. In inquiry, Turkey was pointed as the source of these chemicals, including Sarin, which the Kurds in northeast Syria were charging Turkey with smuggling to their terrorists in Syria.

U.S. officials familiar with Mr. McCain’s trip said that the senator traveled to Kobani, the Syrian town on the Turkey border controlled by Kurdish forces since 2012.

In a statement, Mr. McCain’s office confirmed that a trip took place, saying the senator “traveled to northern Syria last week to visit U.S. forces deployed there and to discuss the counter-ISIL campaign and ongoing operations to retake Raqqa.”

Mr. McCain is believed to be the first U.S. lawmaker to travel to the Kurdish-controlled area of northeastern Syria since it became a hub for American special-operations forces who are aiding local forces in the fight against Islamic State.

All of this points to what was really taking place in Syria, in the Russians needing the Turks to balance against Americans, were not going to finger the source of the gas in that al Qaeda enclave as Turkey. America having its John McCain ally of terror Turkey allowing the smuggling of chemical poisons into Syria to be used against Syrian Armed Forces, was not about to let that collusion become public.

Now in February what US officials would be familiar with a top secret trip by John McCain which would coordinate with terror Turks, provide security into Syria, and pave the way for the meeting with more good terrorists in northern Syria?

Trump Names Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster as New National Security ...

Republican lawmakers heaped praise on McMaster as well. JohnMcCain of Arizona, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, admired his "genuine intellect ...

John McCain was plugged into both McMaster and Mattis, and as the press reports reveal, John McCain and Lindsey Graham were the authors of the Donald Trump mass missile attack on Syria, which deliberately targeted Russian Soldiers for death.

And who should EMO into this as the driving force behind all of this, Ivanka Trump, with her own security clearance, with her Egyptian EMO girl in Dina Powell at the NSC, and both the darlings of McMaster and Mattis, and McCain and Graham.

Donald Trump carried out Syria missile strike ‘after being convinced by daughter Ivanka’

As the press reports prove, there were deliberate leaks in this of a classified operation. For the facts in this, John McCain and Lindsey Graham were sent out for the CIA and Pentagon to sell this exact missile attack on the Syrian Air Force, which was geared to slaughter Russians at that Air Base.

As this should be a criminal investigation, a detective or a Grand Jury would look to who had reason, motive and opportunity, to bring us back to the original mystery of who was it that leaked the Trump cruise missile attack to ISIS terrorists, so they knew the time of the launch, could preposition for their ground offensive, and ISIS so trusted their source, as they knew the Syrian Air Force was going to be hit by an American tomahawk attack.

That person of interest is John McCain and his accomplice in Lindsey Graham. This expands out to the finite group of HR McMaster and James Mattis, along with Ivanka Trump Kushner who was pressing this attack, along with her contacts of Dina Powell and Jared Kushner.

It is without a doubt that ISIS coordinated their attack on the Syrian Military due to information which was provided them by those who absolutely knew this attack was being planned at that Syrian air base, and it is a finite group who had access to that classified information as to the exact hour President Trump ordered the attack on Syria.

This demands a full investigation of by the House in a Select Committee and for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to immediately convene a Grand Jury to hear evidence in this case termed, Tomahawkgate.

This needs for the safety of the 8 billion people on the planet to be immediately put a stop to this madness which targets Russians as if they are not a people with thousands of nuclear weapons to retaliate.


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