Thursday, April 20, 2017


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ISIS taunts Yazidi whose wife and sister are slaves

Desperate families track loved ones on a jihadist app designed to deal in people.

Austria’s Islamic kindergartens help create ‘parallel societies’: study

A debate is raging in Austria after a study suggested that Islamic kindergartens in Vienna were helping to create "parallel societies" or even produce the dangerous homegrown radicals of the future.

“Homeland” Actor Mandy Patinkin: “White Men in Military and Government” Are the “Bad Guys,” Not Muslims

“White men in government, and the military establishment are the bad guys, and not the Muslim community.”

Australia: “ALLAH AKBAR” Muslim who drove into crowds KILLING 6, faces court SMILING, “Muslim faith is the correct faith…I’m not guilty”

The Bourke Street Muslim who drove into Melbourne crowds, killing six people and injuring dozens while yelling "allahu akbar" appeared in court today smiling. He said Islamic law is the right law and he is the saviour.

FOX FIRES O’REILLY: Murdoch boys slash and burn

The left has always seen Bill O'Reilly as a conservative giant, and they are rejoicing. The left is ecstatic. They are unconcerned with the degrees of Republicanism. If you are not a collectivist, a statist, you must be taken down. This is a triumph for them. They don't care about sexual harassment: Bill Clinton is proof of that.

JIHAD TERROR IN THAILAND: Two dead after brutal wave of bombings and shootings

AT LEAST two people have died after a string of co-ordinated terror attacks in Thailand.

Trump Considers Re-Imposing All Sanctions on Iran, Dismantling Nuke Deal as Iran Terror Network Grows

Iran's military buildup and disregard for international law could prompt U.S. reprisal.The Trump administration is considering re-imposing a massive set of economic sanctions on Iran that were lifted by the Obama administration as part of the landmark nuclear agreement that gave Tehran billions in economic support.

EU leaders “TERRIFIED ” empowered Turkey President Erdoğan plans to FLOOD Europe with millions of Muslim migrants

“Don’t beat the air,” President Tayyip Erdoğan said. “It is too late now.” And =he threatens Europe. Reverting back to a century old Islamic state, Erdoğan is abandoning Turkey's aspiration of EU membership....

“The Myth of Jon Ossoff Died Tonight”: Hugely Touted, Massively Bankrolled Anti-Trump Dem Candidate FAILS, Faces Runoff

Ossoff's failure to settle the election on Tuesday comes despite over $8 million that was raised by his campaign, which was seen by Democrats as the first chance to make an electoral statement after the defeat it was dealt last November.

Committed Left Bent on Bringing Down Trump, Files 2 Suits vs. DOJ

A so-called watchdog group -- which is really a left-leaning bulldog for the Democratic Party -- is filing two suits against President Donald Trump's administration, demanding more information that can tie the commander-in-chief to untoward dealings with Russia.

AP Changes Fresno Shooter’s Words From ‘Allahu Akbar,’ Removes Islam Reference

The Associated Press edited the words of a Muslim man who allegedly killed three white people in downtown Fresno Tuesday afternoon and shouted “Allahu Akbar!”

ISIS, al Qaeda in New Talks to Partner for Terror

Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorist leaders are reportedly in talks to join forces.

Almost 5,000 Somalis to Be Deported

America, under President Donald Trump, is due to deport thousands of Somali nationals.

Egypt: Muslims Invoked ALLAH’S WRATH on Christians Over Loudspeakers Before Church Jihad Terror Attacks

Coptic Christians in Egypt, who've been targeted in a number of recent terror attacks, have said that for years Muslim imams were allowed to preach hatred and violence against Christians to the public over loudspeakers.

J Street Protests Against Birthright Over New Israeli Law Denying Entry to Pro-BDS Foreigners

More than 500 Jewish American students are challenging Birthright, the biggest sponsor of trips to Israel in the world, to take a stand against a new law that would deny entry to foreigners who support boycotting the country.

New York Times Doesn’t Disclose Jihad Terrorist Past Of “Palestinian” Anti-Israel Op-Ed Writer

Convicted terrorist Marwan Barghouti, who was sentenced in 2004 to five consecutive life sentences, was not only given valuable real estate in Sunday's New York Times to publish an op-ed trashing the state of Israel, he was originally identified to readers only as a "Palestinian leader and parliamentarian." Nowhere were readers informed of Barghouti's monstrous crimes.

California: “Progressive” Women’s Group Now Building a ‘Pipeline’ for Muslim Candidates

The goal, said Hinks, is to create a "pipeline" for Muslims to enter politics ahead of the 2018 and 2020 elections at a time when political engagement in the Orange County Muslim community is on the rise.

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