Thursday, April 20, 2017


The Muslim Brotherhood: Know Thy Enemy

Brigitte Gabriel, Breitbart

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s recent visit to the White House was of paramount importance to combatting radical Islamic terrorism.
As evidenced by the recent Palm Sunday church bombings by radical Islamists, Egypt finds itself on the front lines in the battle against Islamic radicalism, and more specifically, the Muslim Brotherhood.

It was Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood that started an Islamic revolution in 2011, which created a domino effect, extending into Syria and across the globe.
The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, empowered by the revolution in Egypt, rose to establish an Islamic order in Syria, attempting to eliminate Assad, as their counterpart did to Mubarak in Egypt.
Assad’s loyal ally Russia came to his defense, while our shameful government under Obama threw Mubarak under the bus.
After President Obama disgracefully endorsed Mohamed Morsi, the MB leader during the Egyptian uprising of 2011, he went even further to destroying an ally in the fight against Islamic extremism, when he blocked billions in aid to Egypt after El-Sisi rightfully deposed Morsi in 2014.
Time and time again, our former President stood shoulder to shoulder with Islamic radicals, and threw our allies who stood with us in our fight against terrorism under the bus.

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