Thursday, April 20, 2017


SMOKING GUN: High Level Obama Admin Caught Red Handed in Trump Spying Scandal 

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ANTIFA Thug Who Attacked Trump Supporters with Bike Lock Identified…You Won’t Believe Who…. 

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Disturbing New ISIS Propaganda Shows Kindergartner Assisting with Beheading

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What the Opposition Party Really Believes 
Chelsea Plays Woman Card For Her Defeated and Deflated Mother 6 Months Removed From Electoral Embarrassment 
North Korea Turning To Opium Production After Chinese Coal Sanctions 
Trump Effect Takes On Unemployment Figures and SMASHES 17 Year Record 
Russia Makes Enormous Troop and Artillery Movement To North Korean Border 
Super Bowl Champs Slam New York Times For Fake News 
Democrats Want New Law that Would have Let Obama Decide if Trump could be President 
The Georgia Sixth District Fiasco 
The Myth of the Uneducated, Conservative Voter 
News You Can Use for April 20, 2017 

South Carolina’s Governor Ready for Constitutional Carry: “Get It To My Desk” 
Bill O’Reilly Speaks Out Regarding His Termination From Fox News…It Ain’t Pretty 
Chemical Weapon Attack: France Says They Can Prove Assad Did It, MIT Calls It A Hoax 
UC Berkeley Strikes Again: Coulter Canceled…She Plans to Speak Anyway 
Kim Jong Un Smiles At Celebratory Video Showing U.S. Destroyed By North Korean Missiles 
Democrats Introduce Bill To Give Obama and Biden Power to Remove Trump From Office 
Famous Sportscaster tells Sports Journalists to STOP Talking Politics 
Racist Muslim Goes on Rampage in Fresno, Media “Whitewashes” his Crimes 
The New York Times and PBS Carry Water for Muslim Terrorists 
Democrats Lose Golden Opportunity in Georgia 6th District Defeat, Republicans Breathe Sigh of Relief 
Breaking: Former New England Patriots Tight End Commits Suicide in Prison 
President Trump puts Canada on Notice 
President Trump Promises Vocational Education as the Wave of the Future 
Ending D.C.’s Gun Ban had NO EFFECT on Homicides 
Obama’s Parting Gift 

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