Tuesday, April 11, 2017


This Man Brought Pickaxe to a Gun Fight - Now He's Dead

Swedish Doctors Call on "White Helmets" in Syria to End Fake Rescues and Killing Civilians
Bloodied United Airlines Passenger was a Doctor Who Needed to See Patients (Video)
Shock Report: 150,000 Chinese Troops Have Massed At The North Korean Border As World Moves Closer To War
Beware the Dogs of War: Is the American Empire on the Verge of Collapse?
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Calls Senator Lindsey Graham a Woman

Alabama Governor Who Attacked Trump for Sex Comments, Resigns Over Sex Scandal
The Website, The Nation, has a Message for the Left
After Trump’s Syria Attack, What Comes Next?
US Special Forces Obliterate ISIS Fighters Trying To Assault Base
Confronting (or at least noticing) America’s coordinated wars on privacy, liberty, freedom, gender, family, and Syria.
Is World War 3 Coming? 18 Preppers Discuss Effects, Shortages, and How to Get Ready
Hypocrites! Hillary and Nancy talk about “Protecting” Babies while Supporting Abortion on Demand
Democrat Group Plans $25 MILLION Ad Campaign To Fight Concealed Carry
What We Know About Syria: The Civil War, the Nerve Gas Attack, The US Bombing…and How It Could All Lead to WW3
The Debt Crisis Of 2017: Once Their Vacation Ends, Congress Will Have 4 Days To Avoid A Government Shutdown On April 29

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