Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Attorney General Jeff Sessions Announces Illegal Immigration Crack Down, ICE Arrests 367 in One Week!

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Catholic School Criticized for Comparing Abortion to the Holocaust

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Syrian Gas Attack Survivor Schools Liberals on Trump, Immigration

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Guess what the Top 10 Most Popular Governors in America have in Common?
Alabama’s Republican Governor who Attacked Trump for Sexual Comments, Resigns Amid Sex Scandal
MSNBC Pundit says History will be “Rough” on Obama
Secretary of State Tillerson tells Russia that the Syria Attack is their Fault
Liberal Slams the Media for Ignoring Muslim Genocide of Christians
The Media Narrative takes a “Direct Hit”
Why Global Warming Alarmists Refuse to Base Policy On Actual Science
Trump Bombed Syria, should he have Gotten Permission First?
White House Spokesperson tells Media that President Trump is “the Decider”
Why does the Passover seem to bring out the Anti-Semites?

Mystery Develops as Dead Body Discovered at Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Site

When did it become Racist to say “White Men Can’t Jump”?
News You Can Use for April 11, 2017
Bombshell New Study Proves that Sanctuary Cities Experience more Crime
Surprise! Transgender High School Track Star Dominates Competition
Muslim Gang Shouting “F*** Jesus” Assaults Christian in Australia
Hypocrites! Hillary and Nancy talk about “Protecting” Babies while Supporting Abortion on Demand
Harry Reid’s Nuclear Option Leads to Conservatives on the Supreme Court
Cover Model Killed at The Hands of Muslims Upset Over Her Clothing Choice?
Putin Plans to Snub Rex Tillerson In Moscow This Week
Obama Staff Turns Coat, Admits That Trump More Efficient as Commander in Chief
Strange Navy Flight Pattern Spawns Hostile Submarine Fears on West Coast
TRUMP EFFECT STRIKES AGAIN: Toyota Ready To Invest YUGE Money in American Workforce
China Making Massive Military Moves on North Korean Border, WWIII Imminent?
Chechnya Turns to Use of Concentration Camps, Ushers in Genocide of Homosexuals

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