Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Dear Patriots,

After waiting nearly nine months to hear back from the Army Clemency and Parole Board, I finally have an update on Sgt. Derrick Miller's latest clemency request.

Unfortunately, it's not good news.

Sgt. Miller finally heard that his clemency request from last June was denied.

Since all of Derrick's appeals had already been exhausted, you can imagine how much he and his family were praying that this clemency request would be approved.

Instead, Derrick now sits in his Fort Leavenworth prison cell knowing that it could be his home for the rest of his life.

Remember, this young man is serving a life sentence for killing an Afghani national who infiltrated his unit's defense perimeter.

While being interrogated by Derrick and another soldier, the man tried to grab Derrick's weapon. Derrick reacted immediately, firing and killing the suspect.

Pastor Lee S, the details never fail to anger me.

The Afghani said he had been inside the American defense perimeter to fix a downed power line. Then he changed his story and said it was to fix a water pump. Either way, he had no tools with him.

When he suddenly lunged for Derrick's weapon, Sgt. Miller immediately fired and killed the suspect.

Just hours later, the entire unit was attacked by Afghani insurgents who seemed to know the exact defensive positions of our soldiers. Several soldiers told Derrick that his shooting of the Afghani suspect had put them all on high-alert... and probably saved their lives.

But the U.S. military didn't agree.

Derrick was charged with "premeditated murder" – and sentenced to life in prison!

That's why I'm hoping to hear from you right away, Pastor Lee S.

You see, Sgt. Miller's attorney is already working on requesting another clemency hearing.

He's reaching out to Derrick's U.S. Congressman as well as collecting "letters of support" to submit at a hearing.

Most importantly, the attorney has spoken with one of Sgt. Miller's senior enlisted leaders who was there that fateful day – and that soldier is ready and willing to testify on Derrick's behalf before the Army Clemency and Parole Board if we can secure another hearing!

This soldier believes that Derrick's actions saved lives that day. And he will make a solid witness with information that wasn't included in Derrick's original trial.

This is just the kind of hope that Sgt. Miller needs right now. But the costs for funding Derrick's case over the past five years have taken a toll.

Having already served nearly six years in prison, Derrick has no income. His parents are doing everything they can to help.

But I don't think his mom and dad should have to mortgage their future to fight for their son's freedom.

If you agree that it's time to send this soldier home to his family – including his precious two little daughters – won't you please help us fund the legal work that's needed to prepare for Derrick's next possible clemency hearing by making a tax-deductible contribution to UAP today?

We need every penny at our disposal to fund the best possible defense for Derrick...

...before he spends the rest of his life behind bars in Fort Leavenworth.

Please – with so much at stake for this young soldier with a family waiting for him at home – use this secure link to make a contribution to UAP today.

Your gift is tax-deductible and it will help us give Derrick one last chance at freedom. On behalf of Sgt. Miller and his entire family, THANK YOU!

Semper fi,
Major Donahue
USMC (Retired)
President & Founder, United American Patriots

P.S. It took the Army Clemency and Parole Board nine months to finally deny Derrick's request. Derrick's attorney and I are determined that we will not fail again! Won't you please show your support for Derrick and his family by making your best, one-time gift today?


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