Monday, April 24, 2017


Liberals Rip Berkeley Snowflakes for Undermining Free Speech and Acting like “F***ing Babies”

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Could The Trump Effect Put A Man on Mars Within 4 Years? 

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New Orleans is The Latest Victim of History’s Liberal Revisionists

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Trump Walk of Fame Star Egregiously Vandalized…AGAIN 
No More “Strategic” Patience 
Sorry, Alveda King: Your Uncle Martin Was Pro-Abortion 
People in “Real” America still LOVE Donald Trump 
CBS tells Democrat Leader to Watch His Mouth 
Democrat Leaders tell Pro-Lifers to Support Abortion or Get Out 
President Trump Promises that Hard Working Americans will be Heard and Supported 
Socialist and Populist Move on to the 2nd Round of French Voting 
If Georgia Democrats Don’t Vote for this Candidate, then they Must be Anti-Woman 
Did North Korea just Threaten China? 

News You Can Use for April 24, 2017 
North Korea Begins Roundup of American Citizens Ahead of Certain Conflict
Trump Competes With White House Press Dinner, Holds Rally of His Own 
President Trump’s Weekend Plans Will Leave You Brimming With Pride 
Democrat Congressman tells Little Girl that President Trump is more Dangerous than a Terrorist 
Liberal Thugs Continue the Assault on Free Speech 
Don’t Blame Fox for the O’Reilly Fiasco, Blame the Advertisers 
Protests follow Republican Promises to Cut Wasteful Science Spending 
News You Can Use for April 23, 2017 
INCREDIBLE VIDEO: Bill Maher Says Something We Actually Agree With 
Time Magazine Outs Themselves As Liberal Think-Piece After Kaepernick Praised 
Could The NFL’s Marijuana Policy Get Sacked in The Coming Season? 
Berkeley Set To See A Lot More of Milo in Coming Weeks, Free Speech Fight Continues 
Aaron Hernandez’s Suicide May Have MASSIVE Implications For His Daughter 
Obama Dreaming of a 3rd Term? 

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