Monday, April 24, 2017


From: sherzieve     From: "doug walk"...(The true insanity of the left is showing, "racism" is why Pres. Trump won the election, it wasn't just the American people showing these losers who the boss is)
ALERT: Watch Elizabeth Warren LOSE HER MIND On Live TV… She Just EXPOSED Who She Really Is! [VIDEO]
"Her reaction to Trump’s election has been absolutely embarrassing and it has really illuminated the reality that she has no business being a United States senator."
From: Sher Zieve
BREAKING: Marine Le Pen wins through to final presidential showdown against Emmanuel Macron     Early projections from opinion pollsters on the results had shown Mr Macron ahead of Ms ... Mr Macron said the vote showed that …
                               _____________________________________________                         Pope creates firestorm saying Muslim refugee camps resemble Nazi death camps
From: Kathy Hawkins...WOW! See the very last....Kat
Why is the Dept. of Education Promoting Islam to School Kids?
From: Sher Zieve...
Mexico's unrelenting violence is climbing to new highs  
FYI - Anyone who does not want to establish control of the border and build a secure wall in areas where needed is loco-crazy 😜 (and probably a snow-flakey liberal).
From: sherzieve.....Prior to the Murdoch Boyz taking over FNC, they said that they wanted Fox News to become more like CNN.  Remember?.....From:
How James and Lachlan Murdoch set about an overhaul at Fox | Daily Mail Online
From: sherzieve...The results of the "Obama Legacy" march on...From: "John Rolls"
From: Sher Zieve.....Airline employees appear to, literally, be losing their minds.
Video shows American Airlines flight attendant challenging passenger to a fight after allegedly hitting woman with stroller
Business Insider · 19 minutes ago.....American Airlines has suspended a flight attendant who allegedly hit a woman with a pram and then challenged another passenger to a fight. A fellow …
From: sherzieve   From: "doug walk" (Soros & Obama need to be stopped "dead" in their tracks)
Obama Interferes In French Election To Stop Populist Marine Le Pen
"Despite Democrats’ incessant whining about alleged “Russian interference” in the US election, Barack Obama chose to interfere in France’s presidential election by calling up Emmanuel Macron and giving him an implicit endorsement just days before the vote."
From: Sher Zieve
William Shatner targeted by vaccine bullies in vicious campaign to silence tweets about autism

From: Sher Zieve sherzieve.....
Thanks to Eric.
Watch this all-electric ‘flying car’ take its first test flight in Germany
FYI – Meet the Jetson-grubers!  This looks promising (and safer than other prototypes, assuming that they can develop reliable and stable lithium batteries that don't explode or catch fire)...
9 Out of 10 Adults Make This Unhealthy Breathing Mistake - Do You?
If you (and you probably do) breathe incorrectly, you may be impairing your health and promoting anxiety and depression. By following this 14-day program that teaches you how to breathe for health, you can improve your sleep, brain function, eating habits and resilience to stress, while you reduce pain and inflammation and boost longevity.,120a1aa5,125357b5&et_cid=DM141395&et_rid=1979224983
Body language tells most of a story, and that's true for a dog that's about to pounce and bite too. You should know these 3 signs - and teach them to your kids and grandkids - along with the 5 steps needed to defuse a hot, angry situation. It could avoid a scary bite.,120a1aa5,125357bb&et_cid=DM141395&et_rid=1979224983

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