Saturday, March 25, 2017



Just In: Trump Holds Meeting At White House, Big-Name CEO Makes HUGE Announcement About America
Posted by Jack Davis
"... thousands and thousands and thousands of jobs ..." Read more…

Breaking: Federal Judge Just Handed Trump HUGE Win
Posted by Jack Davis
"... unqualified authority to bar physical entry to the United States ..." Read more…
Trump's Treasury Sec. Just Said 2 Words About Him That Are Getting Attention
Posted by Charles Campbell
"Since he got to the White House ..." Read more…
Right After Repubs Abandon Obamacare Repeal Effort, LOOK What Instantly Happens To Trump
Posted by Jack Davis
"... can we talk about the art of the deal?" Read more…

Sean Spicer Shuts Down Russia Collusion Narrative With 1 Detail About CNN Dems Can't Ignore
Posted by Andrew Kerr
"The FBI cannot yet prove ..." Read more…
Fox News Reveals Possible 'Smoking Gun' Evidence Showing Obama Spied On Trump - This Could Be Huge
Posted by Randy DeSoto
"The intelligence is said to leave no doubt ..." Read more…
Everyone Is Talking About This Awkward Moment That Happened Live On MSNBC... Amateur Hour
Posted by Fred Maxwell
"... not as bad as Obamacare ..." Read more…

Confirm This: Our Supreme Court Doesn’t Make The Supreme Law
Posted by Rev Michael Bresciani
Technology cannot move upward faster than our morality is sinking ... Read more…

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