Saturday, March 25, 2017


 Kentucky Makes Enormous Move in The War on Police

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Google, Facebook and The Like Could Be Sued for Broadcasting Extremist Videos

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Symbol of Blue Lives Matter Labeled “Racist”, Deemed Unfit For Display

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Self Driving Uber Car Involved in Arizona Crash
Facebook’s Hate Speech Team Allows Status Alluding to Caucasian Genocide
Sanctuary Cities Disapproved By A Majority of Americans, Poll Says
Lawyer for Illegal Immigrants who Raped 14-year old girl says She Wanted It
Half of Americans Aren’t Worried about Global Warming
There Is Power To Gain For Democrats Who Support Obamacare Reform
U.N. Crony Richard Falk Hates America, Israel and Jews but the Arab World Loves Him
One of Those Days
75-year-old Bible in the Schools program threatened by “kindergartener”
News You Can Use for March 25, 2017

FBI Infiltrated Bundy Supporters By Posing as Journalists

Trump Travel Ban Gets Thumbs Up From Federal Judge
Border Agents Under Attack! Three Incidents in ONE DAY!
ISIS in Syria Cornered by U.S. Troops, No Way Out!
BREAKING: GOP Pulls Vote On Obamacare Repeal
Rep. Peter King says “99.5% Accurate” that Obama Spied on Trump Team
Fox News Host tells the Media to “Get Over Yourselves”
The Trump Administration Approves the Keystone XL Pipeline
Sean Spicer’s Epic Line: There’s more Evidence CNN colluded with the Clinton Campaign than Trump with Russia
The Reverend Franklin Graham Weighs in on Healthcare Debate, Liberals Explode in Anger
Is Socialism the Source of Scandinavian Happiness?
Should Conservatives be Worried about Judge Neil Gorsuch’s Views on Abortion?
Iceland Pays Homage to Adolf Hitler
A Quick Rundown of the Changes to the GOP Healthcare Bill
An Enigma Wrapped in a Riddle and a Robe

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