Wednesday, March 15, 2017


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More Citizens of Saudi Arabia Have Joined the Islamic State (ISIS) Than From Any Other Country

The Sunni Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) has boasted that key U.S. Middle East ally Saudi Arabia is the top provider of terrorists for the jihadist group in Iraq.  

The Grand Mufti of the Stealth Jihad: Zuhdi Jasser Says “There’s No Greater Threat” Than Pamela Geller and Her Colleagues

In one fell swoop, "moderate Muslim" Zuhdi Jasser has dropped a MOAB on the most effective counter-jihadists in the West.

Iowa high school OFFENDED because opposing basketball fans wore AMERICAN COLORS to game

A letter written by Valley student council leaders was hand-delivered to North’s principal, saying in part: “We are deeply sorry if we have offended anyone in any way."

Iran FM says Netanyahu faking history and Jewish faith

We now live in a different world. Let's talk about that now.

Can You Be a Zionist Feminist? Pro-Sharia Linda Sarsour Says No

The media adores the Islamic supremacist bigot and rabid anti-Semite, Linda Sarsour, who wields her religion like a club.

Russia appears to deploy forces in Egypt, eyes on Libya role

Russia appears to have deployed special forces to an airbase in western Egypt near the border with Libya in recent days, U.S., Egyptian and diplomatic sources say, a move that would add to U.S. concerns about Moscow's deepening role in Libya.  

Snoop Dogg ASSASSINATES President Trump in new video

This is now a trend, a dangerous incendiary trend. The video is vile, wildly racist and anti-cop (f*ck the police). Every other word is "n*gga" and "m*therfucker". Not only is President Trump bludgeoned with a blunt object, Snoop shoots him. It's god awful.

Iran boasts of guerrilla movement with the United States

In the video Hassan Abbasi, a high-ranking official with Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), is seen boasting about a “guerrilla movement” of Iranian agents living and working in the United States.

Sweden Can’t Find Contractor Willing to Build Police Station in Muslim Migrant Suburb — ‘It’s Too Dangerous’

Plans to build a new police station in Rinkeby have been put on hold because construction companies fear for the safety of their workforce in the Muslim migrant-dominated Stockholm suburb.

Bosses can ban workers from wearing Islamic headscarves or other religious symbols, EU’s top court rules

A surprising move from the notoriously sharia-compliant EU. But I suspect employers will be afraid to impose such a ban for fear of reprisals. It will be the Christians and Jews who will suffer. We have already seen employees fired for wearing the cross in the UK.

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