Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Media Tries and Fails to Re-invent Ferguson Thug Michael Brown as Victim with Meaningless ‘New’ Video

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Joe Biden says Trump “Deserves a Chance to Govern”!

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Bombshell! Congress Pushing for Investigation into Obama Administration Illegal Meddling in Foreign Elections

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2nd in Command at FBI Did NOT Disclose his Clinton Connection
Senator Rand Paul wants to “Smash” Obamacare Lite
Feminist Protesters Perform Graphic Mock Abortion on the “Virgin Mary” Murdering “Baby Jesus”
The FBI vs. Liberty?
College Students “Hate” Education Secretary Betsy DeVos but they Agree with Her Policies
Major Winter Storm Wreaks Havoc; 7 Dead, 9K+ Flights Canceled, Schools Closed, Millions of Dollars in Property Damage Done
Liberal Pundit Rachel Maddow Tries to Shock Trump with Taxes but Trump Gets the Last Laugh
Make Liberals Prove Scientifically that there are 58 Different Genders
Is it a Bad Idea to ‘Rattle Sabers’ in North Korea’s Direction?
Nasty Nancy Pelosi to Co-Star in Batman Film

News You Can Use for March 15, 2017
The going rate for pot candy in high school: $10 per gummy
Trump Beats Maddow to Punch on 2005 Tax Returns
Amy Schumer’s Trump Bashing Sends Her Netflix Ratings Into The Toilet
Julian Assange Makes Dire Plea To Trump Regarding Clinton Coup
Female Jogger Assaulted In Ladies’ Restroom, Attacker Had Long Criminal Record
VIDEO: CNN Host Makes Phony, Asinine Claim About Michael Brown Drug Deal Video
VIDEO: NY Teachers’ Union Legal Counsel Spins Massive Web of Deceit
Could Birth Control Be The End of The Atheist?
Facebook and Twitter Facing Massive Fines From German Government
Several Border Wall Bidding Contractors Have Surprising Thing in Common
Ted Kennedy wants Your Liver, His is All Used Up
CBO says Full Repeal of Obamacare would be Better than New GOP Plan
Is the GOP Healthcare Plan a TRAP for Donald Trump?
Turks Wreak Havoc in Europe – Le Pen and Wilders Respond

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