Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Submitted by: Donald Hank

The Kiev "government" in Ukraine can hardly be called a government. The different factions of fighters, originally fighting against the breakaway republics, are not out of control. President Poroshenko, who seems to be planning his getaway to Spain, is not unable to control the country.
And yet the US Congress pretends there is a legitimate government there and sends lethal arms to kill and harm Irina's friends and family, who just want to be left alone to build their war torn nation. Never has the US sunk so low!
Don Hank

Hello Don,

Today, in Kiev they have to urgently close the morning session, because one of the MPs had brought to the session several camouflaged «ATO veterans» who seized the tribune. Afterwards, another MP called it ‘the final rehearsal of the military coup’.

Best wishes

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