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Submitted by: Royce Latham

London, not Moscow was hacking the 2016 American Campaign for Bush and Clinton

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry has made a point that John McCain is a traitor, perpetrator of terrorism and genocide, and now John McCain has become not only a security risk, but has threatened the President of the United States in President Donald Trump, along with his cohort Senator Lindsey Graham.

It is now a fact that John McCain has been colluding in a conspiracy of the GOPliters with Lindsey Graham against Donald Trump for day one. The history is clear that McCain started smearing Donald Trump for Jeb Bush to knock Donald Trump out of the GOP primaries early.
It is a simply connect the dots that John McCain was going to be chosen for this criminal work for Jeb Bush's campaign as either Vice President or Secretary of State, with Lindsey Graham as Secretary of Defense in this quid pro quo, because the Obama regime has allowed these two loose cannons loose on the world fomenting terrorism in Ukraine and Syria.

The worst of this has now surfaced as John McCain was the source of the infamous "Russian Hacking" dossier which included a two page wacko propaganda of prostitutes and people pissing on each other during sex in "golden shower" water sports.

The gist of this focuses on a Michael Cohen, not the Attorney for Trump enterprises but some other Michael Cohen who appeared in Prague of the Czech Republic and somehow was meeting with Russian agents to plot the downfall of Hillary Clinton by the mastermind Vladimir Putin.
The problem is, is that Michael Cohen, the real Attorney never left the United States as his passport indicates.

Back engineer this for a moment in can you access travel records in Prague? Can you go into the NSA and search for Michael Cohen? The answer is no. So this means that someone in intelligence, connected to John McCain was sweeping up data and sifted out Michael Cohen's name, and it was this contact that handed over the pissing Prague whores story with Russian flavoring.

I am going to stress this point again. John McCain received an intelligence file from someone in intelligence and scurried over to the NSA and handed them damning propaganda, for Jeb Bush, so John McCain would be named Secretary of State. That is what that first McCain attack on Donald Trump was about. It was a criminal quid pro quo, where McCain would take out Donald Trump for the payment of political office from Jeb Bush.

The Lame Cherry takes you deeper into this story in the reality of asking you to think about who was John McCain's contact in Europe? Who was he getting intelligence from?

We know that in Ukraine John McCain was pictured with Nazi's. We know that in Ukraine that McCain's staff laptop was hacked and inside was a stage production digital recording of ISIS acting out chopping people's heads off........the same ISIS McCain was meeting with, pictured  with and funding for Syrian genocide.

So we know for certain that McCain did not get  this from the FSB KGB of Vladimir Putin. We know for certain that this did not come from the Germans, English, French or Italians. This was not a Czech, Polish or Slavic propaganda paper.
So who would be the culprit feeding intelligence to John McCain to pass along to Obama intelligence to take out candidate Donald Trump, so Jeb Bush would emerge for Hillary Clinton to defeat in November? It would be the Ukrainian Nazi network. They produced this smear, just like the Iraqi's produced the propaganda about WMD's in Iraq for that war. The Ukrainians help John McCain and Jeb Bush into the White House or to defeat by Hillary Clinton, and NATO then pours in troops and Russia gets clocked, and Ukraine annexes back Crimea and most of Russia like the good olde days, in another dangerous quid pro quo.

John McCain was not meeting with anyone outside of the Ukraine group and that is key. What heightens the intrigue in this, is the author of this smear was MI6 agent, Christopher Steele. He was a British asset in Moscow embassy, and his assigned position there was FINANCE. Whenever an intelligence group is in another nation, and has a financial officer, that officer is heading a bribery branch to overthrow that government and to fund the opposition.
The British were behind the overthrow of the Czar in the Revolution for the socialists, and this smoking gun of Steele points to the "special relationship" of the Clinton regime and Tony Blair, British PM. The terrorism and upheaval that George Soros was behind just did not have a Soros rubber stamp. There are intelligence communities behind the Chechen terrorism,  the situation in South Osseitia in Georgia, and the glaring upheaval in Ukraine, aimed at Vladimir Putin.
As the British government has issued a D Warning on Christopher Steele, meaning he is being protected and his name can not appear in the British Press, you are looking at the bag man who was funding discontent all throughout Russia in the 1990's. His main game now is selling MI6 influence in corporate boardrooms.......meaning Steele is hired by corporations and Steele data mines those corporations for the British MI6.
The SuperPac's who funded this criminal smear of Donald Trump in the GOPliters and Clintons, were running an operation to overthrow the American elections for Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. The exact thing the Russians were accused of, is now coming out as Rothschild London meddling in US elections by MI6 Rhodes group, with the full cooperation of the US democratic and republican party insider establishment. This is completely criminal, and when that is understood, it is equally understood that John McCain who has been appearing with terrorists to terrorize Mother Russia, agreed to receive a propanda folder on Donald Trump which was pure fiction, funnel it into the corrupt Obama intelligence network, for the expressed purpose of destroying Donald Trump and the American electoral process.

Once all of that is understood, we have a reality of high treason, acts of war against the Government of the United States and election tampering, out of London  MI6, colluding with Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, and their good chums, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, in high crimes and misdemeanors.

John McCain and Lindsey Graham both belong under indictment, and immediate removal from the Senate for being assets in a coup against the United State of America, by a foreign power.

This is just beginning and it is going to bring down a syndicate which has been making genocidal warfare on the people of the world for generations. Perhaps now you understand why by the Grace of God, the Lame Cherry has been harping about John McCain, before anyone else even mentioned this treacherous villain.

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Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, and this is a matter now for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to unleash the full power of the FBI to investigate and apprehend every criminal involved in this, starting with John McCain, and to demand the extradition of those conduits in England who have engaged in this act of war upon the American People.

Always the rat, John McCain blurted out another bit of intrigue in those who funded the Steele smear of Donald Trump, had already sown it to FBI Director James Comey, as a multiple source drop to gain traction for this smear, implicating the regime of Barack Hussein Obama in this election overthrow.

'That's why I gave it to the FBI. I don't know if it is credible or not but the information I thought deserved to be delivered to the FBI, the appropriate agency of government.'
He added: 'It doesn't trouble me because I don't know if it is accurate or not. I have no way of corroborating that.
'The individual gave me the information. I looked at it. After receiving that information I took it to the FBI.'
He added that he was now aware from media reports that the FBI was apparently already in possession of the information. ' 

What we are looking at here is the fringe of the "Get Putin" operation which has spanned decades, all centered around this corrupt Rothschild MI6 London group, George Soros, and elements of the CIA, operating for the Obama regime for the Rothschilds, and their pet, John McCain, all centered in Ukraine focal points, and the city of spies, Prague where east meets west.
"Get Putin" has now undertaken a morph of "Get Trump" and the stooge involved in this is GOPliter John McCain.

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  1. William Homolka comments: I am looking forward to indicting these criminals in 2017. Traitor McCain, being a fellow veteran, is a big disappointment to me, but an outrage. Is it any wonder why so many establishment people are pissed at Trump and the American Patriots who rallied in masses to overturn the Obama/Clinton/Soros/McCain Evil Empire?