Thursday, January 12, 2017


This week we saw a few perfect examples of why liberal coastal elites are so resentful of middle America: It’s because the supposed rubes and rednecks aren’t more resentful of the elites .... [Read more]

Support term limits for Congress! Republicans have been kicking this idea around for years. It is time for them to act. Sign this petition if you agree with Donald Trump – “I will push for a Constitutional...[Sign Petition Here]

White police officers are openly targeted for attack and assassination. Black men keep dying. As gruesomely and graphically as anything Billie Holiday could have ever dreamed.....  [Take Poll Here]

Arizona Sen. John McCain cemented his RINO status when he admitted Tuesday that he handed the dossier that smeared Donald Trump to the FBI..... [Read more]

For more than 50 minutes on Tuesday night, President Barack Obama summed up his eight years in the White House in his farewell address to the nation.... [Read more]

Trump took aim at the media, namely Buzzfeed and CNN, who he called fake news for reporting on unverified and highly suspect allegations about the president-elect’s ties to Russia..... [Read More]

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