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Bertrand Daily Report

January 1st, 2017

Subject: BDR Welcomes Nigel Farage and Herman Cain to Our Network

My friends and associates would like to welcome you to the pulse of America, a once primitive way of getting (our) message across to the masses through individual networking, reaching thousands within hours.

Since Obama signed away the internet to the United Nations on October 1st, and the latest move to censor WHAT THEY CALL "Fake News," we are now in a difficult position for bringing TRUTH to the network plagued by draconian / Chinese style censorship. Email newsletters are back in style and can survive website censorship. (Note: InfoWars is encouraging an email sign-up in case their main website is shutdown, which is (our) pre-media war notice). 

Soon enough, the U.N. will force all journalists, news sites, and news bloggers to have a social rating code (designed by China) to censor those that do not meet THEIR goals of propagandizing news reports that favor government Mainstream Media a.k.a. Fakestream Media news reports (often fake)....edited by the State Department / Pentagon writers of propaganda. 

A social rating number will be assigned for each news report that is unacceptable. Once (we) reach a certain number, we will be shutdown, and/or arrested under the latest NDAA provision, authorizing the Defense National Intelligence (DNI) and the State Department to govern (us) under their newly created, "Ministry of Truth."

You'd think that President Elect Trump would stop this latest attack on our 1st Amendment Right, but his hands might be tied, unless he can creatively regain the internet from the U.N., a task that might be as difficult as regaining the trust of the Obama Administration continues to create situations for you, me and the new administration. No different than a renter forced to vacate the house and the renter decides at the last minute to rip the sink, toilet and plumbing from the walls, causing a lot of unnecessary work...thanks Barry !!

That's where we are with only19 days to go.....

Therefore....this network of patriots in the Liberty Movement are striving to get information to others (within their own networks) by way of the simple email system. Those of us that had websites, know the difficulties and pain of losing all contacts because of a government complaint through Dot Com or Dot Net, etc. The first attacks on free speech will be those that post on FaceBook and Twitter.

Myself, in particular have lost two websites and about 4 email accounts, following my research on sensitive subjects, i.e., 9/11 and why WTC building 7 fell in it's own footprint and was not hit by a plane. Just after 9//11...that was a doozie they didn't like...researchers lost websites and got the knock on the door back in 2002/03.

Just as you might not agree with my comments, or others that you will see....we all live on this planet together and together we can share our viewpoints and research the truth for a better world. can simply close your mind and reply to this email and ask to be removed. For others...please forward and help us add your name to our extensive email list. Please let me know if there are duplicates, or re-assignments of those that asked to be removed before. If you are new, please let that be known and I will add you to a group.

Note: Because Yahoo limits emails, it is sometimes difficult to forward top reports you send me, and/or all comments, but send them to me, because we all learn together. (I try to answer all of them). There are great minds in this network and high level officials from most every corner of the matrix. Cynthia McKinney and General Casey's wife surprised me with comments as well as others that pop-in once in a while....that's because of YOUR networking abilities.

Today was spent, removing some and adding about 120 new contacts to 4 groups, which are now full...and a 5th group is ready to go.

With the help of, Conservative Patriot, AllNewsPipeline,,, CanadaFreePress, and a few others occasionally...I find no need to create a website again, but will think about it.

One of our finest patriots, "Bob & Jen Report" have been censored with their news blog reports and I recommend doing a single commentary report on a selected top story of the day. So far....I've had a couple censorship problems, or THEY attempt to screw-up an email I try to send.

In the early days....THEY would change sentences in my email report that were not my words. That was before Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the NSA.

Folks ! It's my contention that whatever I say in electronic print, I would say to their faces. The likelihood of being arrested for my speech content is NOT likely under the Trump Administration, but like many out here....WE were apprehensive, but ready for a Clinton Administration. They were ready to go for some cases, literally.

The only problem now...there isn't much to complain about, except to inform each other and top level contacts in this network as to what we think and/or recommend as a political solution. However...Obama still keeps-on giving us (strange) news and we will not stop until he is gone and Hillary Clinton is locked-up.

Again...we are the pulse of America.

Several radio talk show hosts rely on (our) comments and stories we find, and in particular, InfoWars is like a mirror of what we have been discussing some days. InfoWars confirms what we say and little do I hear anything that is 180 degrees from the main point(s).

"Talking points" are easy for radio show hosts when they get a feel for what we're talking about out here. I might get something wrong and you always let me know, which helps me understand a better way for expressing what's on my mind and/or what I have to research.

I encourage and have encouraged many since 9/11 to "just start typing your thoughts and don't worry about the grammar." Just get it out there and let us discuss the message ! We're coming down to the wire of not being able to copy/paste articles, or portions thereof, without the censor-police eventually shutting down our ability to get important (and sometimes dangerous) news out to the public.

At some point....we will have to carefully discuss a news event/article in our own words while trying not to appear plagiarizing a copyrighted article. However....the non-copyrighted news sites, i.e., InfoWars, is one of the very few that write their own articles and allow us to use. If you own a news website and you copy/paste a Washington Post article, you might get sued, and that is how WE can get away with copy/pasting to an email blast instead of a website with restrictions....and more restrictions to come if the United Nations forces the U.S. to comply.

WE don't have paid editors to crunch paragraphs into THEIR own biased style and WE don't have sponsors that get ticked-off if you don't agree with their politics.

Today's latest improvement of the Bertrand Daily Report network for 2017....I have added a few extremely reputable senators, veteran organizations, news persons, and welcome Nigel Farage and Herman Cain to the network. A few new contacts from Canada are now onboard with us....

This network spans 3 continents, Europe, North America and Australia.....and maybe others I'm not aware of.

I hope you keep this daily report as your coffee break in the morning and help us grow the network. We learn from each other and we teach and inform the leaders.....

Let's hope for a great 2017 without the warmongering hoopla that continues to plague America. The "swamp" is filled with filth and some will hide in the deep darkness of the swamp, but, me and the rest of us will find them. And frankly...that's what we do best !!

Happy New Year !!

Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.)
(Arizona USA)

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From The Desk of  Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.)  Int'l Airline Freight Captain (DC-8 & B-727 & First Officer DC-10), U.S. Army Veteran, Law Enforcement Background. Political Analyst  and Activist to help "Make America Great Again. 
My mission is to slice through the propaganda, encourage everyone to write  and share important news among our network of patriots, military, law enforcement and selected news media sources (we trust). We are the pulse of America and we will prevail.

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