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Submitted by: David Bertram

Fakestream Media Found No Evidence of Russian Government Hacking During Visit to Moscow

Commentary by Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.)

December 14th, 2016

Friends and Associates:

The Democrats do not know if they are coming or going lately with accusations that Russia caused Trump to win, but at the same time...Hillary Clinton actually blames FBI Comey for his timely re-introduction of an investigation by the FBI and the NYPD over the 650,000 emails discovered on Weiner's laptop during their investigation into child pornography and occult activities...naming names and Clinton connections. That was quickly terminated with Hillary's pressure on Comey, but likely caused her to she believes.

Blaming Russia and replacing "Conspiracy Theory" with the "Fake News" narrative is a CIA idea and plan to overthrow the Trump election....(IMO)

The "Pizzagate" scandal evolved from the 650,000 emails and that's when panic on the left began and why we see both the CIA and Fakestream Media pushing the "Fake News" narrative, which will soon sink their own ship.


Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton's close confidant and (future) "Chief of Staff," an alleged Saudi Intelligence agent, just happens to be sanctioned by the CIA involved with the "war on terrorism" supply and demand shipments of weapons to Obama's created ISIS terrorists in Syria (for the Saudi's and Israelis). Let us not forget about the creation of al Qaida a.k.a. Mujahedeen by the CIA during the Afghan / Soviet war.

We also know that Bill and Hillary Clinton worked closely with the CIA and their cocaine flights in and out of Mena Arkansas when Bill was governor. Hillary Clinton and her law firm laundered the drug money and selected goons of the Arkansas State Police acted as the Clinton's henchmen. Many secrets are buried with the dead.....

Is it now "pay back time" for the CIA to rescue Hillary Clinton (and the New World Order)?

The CIA operation, "guns for drugs" operation from Nicaragua, Panama, and Guatemala in and out of Mena Arkansas, during the Reagan Administration Contra Affair, ruined Reagan's presidency and reputation. Therefore....CIA credibility is nonsense.

Several high ranking military and former / current government officials are convinced...... NSA leaked the emails to Wikileaks, but without definitively showing any evidence that Russian hackers got into the voting machines, a ludicrous assertion anyway....the spin turned into "Russia influenced the election for Trump because of the emails," except for the simple was the NYPD and FBI Comey's investigation and a very strong alternative media with millions and millions of viewers, over and beyond the numbers for Fakestream Media. was a leading alternative news provider during the election with millions of TV viewers and online listeners that heard prominent speakers being interviewed, including President Elect Donald Trump himself. Infowars and Alex Jones are being accused as being agents of the Russian government (by Fakestream Media).

Fakestream Media is in a death spiral as evidence of "Fake News" by the main networks, from past and present, CONTINUES to consume their credibility. The DNC and the CIA are having an internal struggle that seems to be getting out-of-hand. New legislation added to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) December 8th, will be a full blown attack on alternative news and bloggers. 

America's 1st Amendment is officially under attack by this rogue government....

When Americans saw the evidence that Fakestream Media attempted to hide and/or spin for Hillary Clinton, the poll numbers became fabricated and unsubstantiated in favor of a Hillary win. They claimed "how wrong they got it," but the reality is far more sinister.

A major network sent a reporter to Moscow, months find evidence of Russian (government) hacking of emails. They went to Moscow and found a small apartment operation with one or two civilian owners, stating they "teach anyone how to hack, and they provide IP addresses appearing to be from other countries, or from Russia for those living outside of Russia." (They found no connection to Guccifer 2.0).

The interviewee also stated "how easy it was (or can be) to hack into Hillary Clinton's (unprotected) server." That televised news report was shown once and never shown again....likely because, the news network NEVER could find Russian government hacking (to influence the election).....not to mention their statement that Hillary Clinton's unprotected server was (basically) vulnerable by ANYONE, or any government, and later disputed by Hillary Clinton herself as being "safe, but a mistake."

Note: By Fakestream Media sending a reporter to Moscow, months ago to look for evidence of Russian Government hacking or any connection to the Romanian known as Guccifer 2.0, is proof....the DNC were looking for a (future) excuse to justify everything they are attempting to do now to accuse Trump of being influenced and/or in bed with Putin. Their "Guccifer 2.0" Romanian that supposedly hacked the DNC, was using an IP out of Russia while doing his thing in France. ThreatConnect is the private company in America, perpetuating this false flag on Russia while the CIA puts their rubber stamp on the potential "Constitutional Crisis" they want to create. You will not find a link to this, because it has been censored....

"ThreatConnect also found that Guccifer 2.0 was attempting to mask his true location, in Russia, by communicating through an Internet service based in France."

Now that Trump has won the electorate (so far) and THE POPULAR VOTE, since we know and saw Obama openly tell illegal aliens to go vote and that "makes you a citizen," (an estimated 3 million plus voted) was a last ditch effort attempt to help her win the election, even though Obama cannot stand the Clintons, but needs her to carry-on his (failed) legacies. Therefore, the CIA has been summoned to advance their propaganda intelligence to over-throw the election. 

The CIA will meet with 40 (undecided) electorates this week for a pep-talk session, on behalf of Hillary Clinton. If 37 of the 40 flip their vote on Trump...we immediately enter a Constitutional Crisis December 19th.

This is unprecedented and dangerous. The last time the CIA was asked to get involved with politics, inside the United States, was the day JFK was assassinated.

There is no doubt in anyone's mind, Trump has plans to begin indictments via AG Jeff Sessions on day one. We can also expect all hell to break loose after January 20th.

Backroom plans by the globalists to cause a major event, be it a worldwide economic collapse, or the mobilization of a number of sleeper cells of (you name it), and/or further agitation by Soros to start an all-out race war in America, the cards are on the table and the socialist democrats are scared shitless...

Is it any wonder why Trump has selected military generals for his cabinet, in particular....Homeland Security?

Does Trump expect Civil War in America after January 20th? Many of us in the Liberty Movement, including Oath Keepers, agree that we are on the verge of war in America.  

The United States Senate voted to give the CIA power to propagandize the American people to help combat “fake news” and stop the rise of real media like
From The Desk of  Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.)  Int'l Airline Freight Captain (DC-8 & B-727 & First Officer DC-10), U.S. Army Veteran, Law Enforcement Background. Political Analyst  and Activist to help "Make America Great Again.

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