Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Trump’s Pick of Tillerson for Secretary of State Gives Anti-Business Left a Panty Twist
Another Democrat Leader is On His Way to Prison for Corruption!
Democrats Leak CIA’s “Russia Connection,” but FBI says ‘Not so Fast’
Election Fraud in Detroit Makes the News
Criticizing Islam in Europe Will Get You Prosecuted
Recount is All Bad News for Hillary, Trump’s Vote Lead Could Actually GROW!
Thank God for our 2nd Amendment: Canadian MP scoffs at thought of women concealing pepper spray.
Army-Navy Game: Cheers for Trump, Boos for Liberals, and Displays of Patriotism
Indiana School Caves To Atheist Group, Bans Prayer
Newborn Addiction on the Rise
How Fake News and Delusions Win Elections
Wisconsin Recount Backfires on Stein and Hillary Supporters
“Secret” Muslim Refugee Resettlement Program is a “Huge Trojan Horse”
IBM meets with Donald Trump and Promises to Hire 25K Americans!
Obama says America Has ‘By no Means Overcome the Legacies of Slavery and Jim Crow’
Did Russians Hack Hillary’s Brain?
Three Times Democrats were Happy with Russian Intervention in U.S. Elections
Democrats, Media Go Full “Conspiracy Mode” on Russia-Trump Connection
Old Man Winter
Today, December 14, 1863: President Pardons Sister-in-Law
News You Can Use for December 14, 2016
Lt. Col. Allen West Destroys Obama’s VA Administration, Meets with Trump for 2nd Time
The CIA Coup Attempt is Unfolding before Our Eyes [VIDEO]
Illegal Immigration is Burdening Our Welfare System—And That May Be the Point
While Democrats Focus on “Fake News” and Russia, Joe Biden Gets Real — Says Democrats Don’t Respect Working Class Americans

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