Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Fox News Announces New Host That'll Have Fans Cheering - 'A Great Addition...'
Posted by Jack Davis
"... the opportunity to fulfill my lifelong dream ..." Read more…

Millions to be Hit Hard by this Scheme to Confiscate Savings
Sponsored by Birch Gold Group
Alan Greenspan, 20-yr head of the US Fed, reveals Washington's nasty trick to confiscate the savings of unsuspecting Americans. Here's How to Prepare Read more…

Franklin Graham Just Put Out An Urgent Call For Prayer - 'Hard Line Muslim Groups Have...'
Posted by Jack Davis
"They’re coming after him ..." Read more…
Major TV Star Dies Unexpectedly, Hollywood Stars 'Sad Beyond Words'
Posted by Krystle Vermes
"I lost my best friend and my idol." Read more…

VIDEO: Trump Tells Says The 2 Words The Crowd's Been Waiting For, Frenzy Erupts
Posted by Randy DeSoto
God's "wrecking ball" to political correctness. Read more…

NFL Legend Jim Brown Admits He ‘Fell In Love’ With Trump After Recent Meeting
Posted by B. Christopher Agee
Voted for Clinton in last month's election ... Read more…
Netanyahu Says He And Trump Can Solve Palestinian Conflict, Get Rid Of Iran Nuclear Deal
Posted by Yochanan Visser
"... Israel’s position in the Arab world has changed ..." Read more…

Trump Will Win Over Millennials By 2018
Posted by Salvator J. La Mastra
The American Dream is on life support for millennials, but Trump is about to revive it. Read more…

14-Year-Old Explains His Support For Donald Trump
Posted by CJ Pearson
"For me, it’s not about party, it’s about America." Read more…

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