Sunday, January 1, 2017


Latest Democrat Excuse For 2016 Defeat: They Were Just Too Bipartisan, “Nice”
Small Texas Town Under Attack Over Cross Display
Here’s to New Years Full of Amazing Grace
Transition of Power, Obama to Trump: F**K You
Let’s Clean-up our Language – in 2017!
Humility—a Great Goal for the New Year and Beyond
Common Sense and Decency go to War with Hollywood
Gun Control Crazy Chicago Sees Over 4,300 Shootings in 2016

CNN Caught Spreading Fake News Stories… Again
Yikes! Obama Publishes Over $7 BILLION Worth of Regulations in One Night!
The Democrat Party’s Ironic Foreign Policy
Painting Depicting Cops as Pigs Now Hanging in the Capitol
Georgia Senator Explains Why He Excited for 2017
Congratulations, America, it’s 2017 and we Survived Obama
A Few Questions for Obama
Stand with Israel – the ONLY Place in the Middle East where Christians can Freely Celebrate Christmas
News You Can Use for January 1, 2016
Report: 800,000 Illegal Voters in California? [VIDEO]
Obama Sanctions Russia Over Allegations of “Interfering” with the 2016 Election, Russia Chooses Not to Respond
Missouri Moves to Uphold the Second Amendment
Buffalo School Board Demanding Resignation After ‘Racist’ Remarks Made About Obamas
Sanctions Without Proof
Obstructionist Obama is No Surprise, but What Will the GOP Do? [VIDEO]
Is Army Preparing to Execute Wrong Person First?
Chocolate Giant Changing Emphasis to Health Industry and Healthier Foods

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