Thursday, December 22, 2016


The Democrat Party in Denial: Placing Blame Everywhere but Where it Belongs
Car Bomb Attack On Christian Organization In Australia
California School District Under Fire for Allowing Faculty to Conceal Carry
Obama Indicates that He isn’t going anywhere after Trump takes Office
Female Minister Suggests the Virgin Mary was Raped
Terrorist Suspect Was Supposed to Be Deported but Wasn’t!
Has Obama Overreached Once Again Drilling Ban
The Mainstream Media is the Real Home of Fake News

Germans Worry that They’ve Lost Control of their Country
Berlin a Terrified Ghost Town as Police Hunt Muslim Terrorist Murderer
Trump is Set to Deport 820K Illegal Immigrants, 81% of them are Felons!
Where is the Outrage that Democrats tried to Undermine the Electoral Process?
Obama Tries to Kill the Economy One Las Time – Pushes Ban on Drilling for Oil
University says Course Titled “The Problem with Whiteness” is Not Offensive
After Aleppo America Needs a New Syria Policy
German Politicians Savages Liberal Gender Insanity in Perfect 2-Minute Speech
No Outside Influences Allowed!
News You Can Use for December 22, 2016
It’s Christmas, So It Must Be Time for More Muslim Terror Attacks
Latest Internet Query: Did President Obama Order the Hit on Russia’s Ambassador?
Terrorist Victims Sue Social Media for THIS Fake News
Motivation Still Unclear in Swiss Mosque Shooting
In Latest Weekly Address Obama Proves He Doesn’t Understand Economics
Study Show Public Schools’ Sex Ed Programs Failing
Obama Issues More Regulations to Destroy Coal Industry Before Leaving Office

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