Saturday, October 8, 2016


Submitted by: David Bertrand

Veterans for Trump. net
I know we may be disheartened by the exposure of Trumps statements regarding women in 2005 the fact remains that he at the time he said them was not a sitting president while we do not agree with what he said it must be considered in light of the behaviors while in the White House of John F Kennedy Lyndon B Johnson and of course Bill Clinton each of whom nefarious in their behavior and actions toward women. 
As I am extremely upset at those Republicans who have now turned against Donald Trump and  refuse to support his candidacy the net the national Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans Coalition will not endorse any Republican member of Congress or u.s. senator seeking reelection or any non-incumbent candidate seeking such office has turned against Donald Trump or is unwilling to support his candidacy. I suspect that the bushes the clintons and Ryan are in collusion in this regard. The die has been cast America is at stake it is up to us to stand fast in our principles and prevent our nation from falling into the hands of evil people who seek our demise John Molloy  osj  chairman National Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans Coalition
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