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Treason or Sex - which is worse???

WOW ! ! ! Hillary has finally dug up something to cover her TREASONIST ACTS and the MEDIA is going crazy to give as much coverage as it can.  The RINO's are jumping on board as fast as they can  - many I have no doubt are hoping some of the things they have said don't make the news.  Having lived thru the dirty 1960's when anything was fair game to be said and DONE this is not a big deal to me.  Do I like it?  NO WAY - but I also understand that guys say a lot of things to impress the other guys....  and themselves.  Think of JFK -Clinton and the other DEMOCRAT politicians who have DONE (not just SAID) far worse than what Trump was recorded saying.
Check these out:
Anyone remember Gary Hart - or - John Edwards???

Just a fast scan of the many news outlets this morning has this as the MAIN focus this *hot Mic* tape overrides all the acts of treason and other law breaking acts by the Clinton's.  This was all set forth to take attention away from the biggest criminal organization since Al Capone.  The Clinton Cartel has done far more damage to America than any of the words that Trump has been recorded as saying in a private conversation in 2005.

Have you heard any apologies from Any of the Clintons for the many deaths they are connected to or the LIES that come out of Hillary's mouth on a daily basis?
Tell me if you can - how these words of Trumps have brought about terrorist  acts  against America and then LIE about it....  like Hillary landing under fire....  How about Hillarys Bump and Grind twerking while drinking with some woman on one of her trips????

Here are a few that I thought I'd point out -  

Jackie Juntti
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Trump's Locker Room Comments: Is He Alone With The Potty Talk?

Everyone has made embarrassing comments in their lifetime - even the saintly Republicans I listed at the top. Do I wish Trump hadn't barked it up with some younger guy to appear machismo? Yeah. Will that prevent me from voting for him? No. Only God is perfect.......
by Devvy Kidd


Kain And Hillary - A Perfect Treacherous Match

Tim Kaine and Hillary Clinton are a match made in Communist/Fascist hell. We need to remember the atrocity that occurred in Benghazi, and Hillary’s words, “At this point, what difference does it make?” It makes a lot of difference Hillary; you cannot be trusted to come to the aid of our military or our ambassadors.......
by Kelleigh Nelson


Weighing Priorities


Trump recorded having extremely lewd conversation about women in 2005 [ More]
WaPo is in full eye-rolling feeding frenzy. And Hillary is shocked, shocked...

I guess everything is going to depend on how potential supporters balance their personal scales. I'm not going to try to make equivalency comparisons or excuses -- I'm sure there will be apologists doing that, but the truth is, even though some will dismiss it as "locker room guy talk," this is idiotic and shameful. And even though it has nothing to do with the crucial issues that distinguish the two platforms, it could prove fatal.

I'm not talking about the usual establishment RINO squish suspects jumping ship  -- I'd fully expect them to go into full, public "I know him not" mode. But there's one guy -- that if he leaves -- could blow this train right off the tracks.

Will Mike Pence stay the course or drop out?
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