Saturday, October 8, 2016


Clinton supporters calling the kettle (Trump) black

Trump made a comment decades ago about women letting celebrities like him touch their parts and now the media outlets, incl Fox News, are all piling on him like there’s no Bill Clinton. There's enough irony here to fill a bushel basket. What Trump said back then is not nice but it is true. American women were losing morals, along with everyone else. Not only could a celebrity grope too many of them with impunity but too many of their husbands would be fine with that. (Not all women, of course. If Trump had tried anything with my wife, he may have lost the family jewels!).

And remember that Trump was a DEMOCRAT back in those woman-groping days. He was friends with Bill and maybe even admired him.
There's a lot of hypocrisy about this. But there is blood in the water. Trump arch enemy Megyn Kelly, the two top Republicans and Mitt Romney are joining in the feeding frenzy. There is serious talk that a new candidate will be sought.
Robert de Niro made a video in which he calls Trump a punk and wants to punch him. But with Bill Clinton's reputation as a serial rapist and de Niro's reputation for stealing (, coke snorting (, covering for a sexual assailant ( and being a coward who caved to Big Pharma, you'd think they'd all be more careful.
You remember that obscene interview of Megyn on the Howard Stern show where she spoke matter-of-factly about the size of her husband's thang? Don't you think Megyn might be exactly  the kind of woman Trump was talking about in his "guy talk" about easy women?
Oh, and De Niro hated Trump long before this so it seems like a bully using an opportunity for a hit below the belt.
I could be wrong, but something tells me that Trump fans aren't stupid enough to fall for this hit stunt on Trump from a bunch of hypocrites who should be ashamed to show their faces in public.
Don Hank

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The actor was a guest speaker at last year's THiNK event in Goa organized by "Tehelka" magazine, whose editor is accused of sexually assaulting an employee at the ...

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WILD man ex-Met Lenny Dykstra claims in his new tell-all that he and Robert De Niro once binged on cocaine together in St. Barts years ago.

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Italian screenwriter Stefania Rossella Grassi is reportedly accusing French street artist JR and Academy Award-winning actor Robert De Niro of ripping off her script ...

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