Friday, October 14, 2016


Submitted by: Donald Hank

How DARE the corrupt Washington Neocons accuse Russia and Assad of violence when they support senseless mass murder in Yemen?! No even the pro-Establishment Human Rights Watch says the US is complicit in this carnage. That's a big deal and suggests a sea change in world opinion. Changes in opinion always preceded policy changes. Don Hank

“This US-Saudi Arabia alliance is at the root of this current action, which is to say that even though the Obama administration tried to reach out to Iran, at the end of the day they are with Saudi Arabia - that is what they’re showing. They are on the wrong side of history, because the people on the ground - not just the Houthis - ordinary Yemenis are all united in a form of a national resistance against the Saudi intervention. So Saudi Arabia has dragged in the Americans, and the Americans have gone along with it. It is one more fateful decision by the Obama administration. If Libya was a mistake – Yemen is proven to be as big a mistake for the US government,” Dr. Chaulia said.

US airstrikes on radar sites in Yemen show support for the Saudi-led bombing campaign, says international affairs expert Dr. Sreeram Chaulia. Saudi Arabia is an integral part of US policy in the Mideast, adds Pan-African News Wire editor Abayomi Azikiwe.
Human Rights Watch has accused the Saudi-led coalition of war crimes following an airstrike on a funeral in Yemen, which left at least 110 dead and over 600 wounded ...

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