Friday, October 14, 2016


Submitted by: David Bertrand


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Patriots are responding with questions of what a Civil War in America would look like this time.  

The plan HAS BEEN in the works for exactly what is coming in-order to bring America to her knees and then clean-up the remaining mess. WikiLeaks and the emails pouring into America (daily now) paints a very disturbing situation that will force Americans to revolt, if Hillary Clinton steals the election.

We have a corrupt government, corrupt Dept of Justice, and traitors in Congress on both sides of the aisle....ready and willing to destroy America.

The report below details the likely scenario (often seen in third world countries) and it's going to involve at least a million Americans willing to fight for this country. Many of us will die, but at the end.....America will survive, but without this government. A new government will emerge after the military realizes what's at stake. Law enforcement will have no choice and will want to side with a new government.

America is just about finished and the leaked emails show exactly what WE are dealing with....and it ain't pretty.

DO NOT SURRENDER YOUR WEAPONS (Like Jews did during Nazi Germany hoping for peace)

Contributor: Jeff Adams

"Washington D.C. is a filthy cesspool of criminality and corruption that has to be cleaned out before America can be restored to a nation of law and order, after all."

"Most police and military, of course, despise Hillary Clinton. And they know their lives will be put at grave risk by a Clinton presidency. If they get the chance, they will gladly join in an effort to overthrow the corrupt, criminal regime and call for new elections after the wholly dishonest leftist media has finally been prevented from constantly lying to the American people. (Yeah, imagine an election without the leftist media constantly colluding with one candidate to deceive the public...)"

This detailed report will make you understand how real and close we are to war in America.....
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From The Desk of  Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.)  Int'l Freight Captain with military and law enforcement background. Director of the Intelligence Support Agency Inc (I.S.A.) during the early 80's, international aircraft repossession and government contractor. Following 9/11...trained DHS (counter-terrorism instructor), Border Security Specialist. Media Relations Director for MCDC, and Political Activist. 

After 9/11, it became apparent that American freedoms and liberties were under attack and those responsible are still dictating policies while undermining our constitution. My mission is to slice through the propaganda  and share important news among our network of patriots, military, law enforcement and selected news media sources. We are the pulse of America and we can win the battle against tyranny.

Opinions and discussion of today's hard hitting topics. If you wish to be removed....reply within, or please forward. Email news will still be around after the U.N. censors news websites after October 1st.

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