Thursday, October 13, 2016


Submitted by: P McMillan


FIRST:  Do not believe what you read or hear in the mainstream media. Basically, they are liars and would do or say almost anything to get Hillary elected.  Now that we have the latest Wikileaks documents, we know for sure that Hillary Clinton, the Democrat National Committee, the mainstream media, the Department of Justice, the FBI, and other government agencies in the Obama administration have been illegally colluding with each other to get Hillary elected.

SECOND:  Do not believe the polls because they are not current having been conducted before Trump’s truthful performance in the 10.9.16 Presidential debate with Hillary.

Also, for some time, polling companies have been very worried about their data because caller ID and the ability for people to block incoming cell phone calls have made it almost impossible for pollsters to reach people in the public. 
Question:  How many of you have been contacted by a polling company and have participated in a Presidential poll?  I have asked this question of many people, and I have not found anyone yet who has actually participated. 

When I have delved into many of these polls, I have found that pollsters generally report results of a larger number of Democrats than Republicans. Obviously, this in itself would bias the results.  

Many polls do not poll registered voters but only poll what they call “likely” voters.  A “likely” voter is very different from a “registered” voter.  The registered voter is normally committed enough to take the time to register and will be much more likely to learn about the candidates and vote.  The chances of a likely voter actually voting is much less predictable.

The questions on the polling survey are deliberately rigged to favor Hillary, and the questions themselves plant pro-Hillary thoughts in people’s minds.  

THIRD: To get accurate information, our time would be better spent watching or listening to such sources as Sean Hannity on FoxNews, Breitbart, and/or to other truth seekers.  We are wasting our valuable time listening to biased programming that simply spreads rumors, lies, and deceptive information -- leaving us with a feeling of hopelessness.   

FOUR: We need to spread the word among the people within our circle of influence that if we truly care about the future of our nation, we will vote for Trump because he genuinely loves America and wants to make it great again. 

Hillary has a long-time plan to change America into an oligarchy where only a few people are well-enough educated to be the leaders, and the rest of America will be so dumbed down that we will be “worker bees” and “robots.”  (This is the reason that Hillary Clinton is the “Mother of Common Core.”)

Hillary believes in open borders and open trade which would weaken America and put all of us in terrible danger from those who want to destroy us.

If Hillary were a regular citizen, she could not even get a Q-clearance to handle classified information because of her past negligence in handling Top Secret information and then lying about it to our entire country.  

Hillary is the most corrupt candidate who has ever run for the Presidency; and for the sake of our children and grandchildren, she must not be allowed to get into the White House. Voting for Trump is our Constitutional way to keep her out.

Donna Garner

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