Thursday, October 13, 2016


BREAKING: A woman accused Trump of sexually attacking her, but we just noticed a HUGE problem with her story.

The media will NEVER report this problem with her story because they hate Trump!

Kellyanne Conway wiped the floor with the mainstream media!

BREAKING – Video BOMBSHELL Exposes Hillary Staff Bragging About FELONY CRIMES
Breaking News - Video bombshell released to rock the Hillary campaign!
This leak exposes Clinton's team for what it really is!

LEAK – WikiLeaks Memo CONFIRMS Hillary Committed THIS Huge Crime, TIME FOR PRISON!!
This new WikiLeaks leak shows a whole new level of hypocrisy for Hillary!

SHOCK LEAK – Here’s What Hillary Wants To Do to American Hunters
There is nothing Hillary Clinton won't exploit to avoid jail time!

LEAK – It’s CONFIRMED, Hillary Was Just HUMILIATED By Her Own Staff
Trump gets huge surprise in Panama City, Florida!

LEAK – Insider Reveals Secret Reason FBI Agents Are Furious With Obama
Mike Huckabee puts anti-Trump Republicans in their place!

WATCH – Clinton ‘Love Child’ Comes Forward, Issues THIS Challenge to Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton still has too much to answer for!

WHOA! Hidden Video Shows Obama Doing Something DISGUSTING, He’s Nasty
This Ohio rally should inspire Trump supporters everywhere!

WATCH – Newt Gingrich UNLOADS on ‘#NeverTrump’ TRAITORS, It’s AMAZING!
Newt always tells it like it is!
Lou Dobbs shows Paul Ryan what a real conservative looks like!

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