Thursday, October 13, 2016


BJ3: Have you been watching Lou Dobbs? The Man is on a tear...back strong to his CNN days when he was ripping “them” all to shreds. Really gutsy, especially with the new filial FAUX management for which he may knowingly pay the price again...Way to go, Lou.   
Wikileaks: Clinton Surrogates Wanted to Fool “Bitching” Bernie Voters into Supporting Hillary....." His people will think they’ve ‘won’ something from the Party Establishment”
From: Jenny.....Leaked Hillary Clinton Speech to Foreign Bank: ‘My Dream Is a Hemispheric Common Market with Open Trade and Open Borders’

BJ3: certainly not new as we and many others have known it and wrote about it for years. However, it’s not just the Clintons; It’s also the repuke elite (the rinos, most “moderates”, the Bushes and their retinue). Just recently, many people are realizing that, and that it includes FAUX. \
New Wikileaks Show Clinton’s Criminal Empire Runs The Media...Emails reveal the Clinton campaign's control over major media outlets
From: Millie Karnop.....
Bob,    I think Trump should keep HRC/Killary on the defensive the whole time next debate..I wish there were a way to get just the one link out of your wonderful page to thousands of others; I know you reach a lot and that is great..Mary is a super neat gal, is she not?      I suspected Ryan from the beginning to be behind this...I don't want the speakership, oh yeah, then there is I will not accept a bid to run for the Presidency...oh yeah liar.  Have a good day...hope Lee Gliddon is on your list.
From: RCroyts.....
FYI....check it out!   From: judyan unaware and compliant citizenry...that's us???  what Hillary wants.
BJ3: Is that a step up or down from “deplorables”?   From: Jenny...
Bill Clinton: Trump’s Base Is ‘Your Standard Redneck’ [VIDEO]...“Look, man the other guy’s base is what I grew up in.”

From: Peggy G...The stark choice in the debate that CNN, ABC failed to show
From: blueislandbobsue...Huckabee is so right!!! 
Huckabee: 'Bed-Wetting' GOP Afraid Trump Will Win, Not That He'll Lose

From: blueislandbobsue     From: Jenny...

From: Jenny...Arms Dealer Says Administration Made Him Scapegoat On Libya Operation To ‘Protect’ Clinton...Clinton’s State Department -- tried and failed to make him the scapegoat for a 2011 covert weapons program to arm Libyan rebels that spun out of control

From: Lyle Rapacki.....France - A Dying Nation ...
Culture shock – if you are planning a trip to France, you will have low airfares and hotel costs because quite simply, you will be traveling to a dying nation.  The flood of Muslims into France already has damaged the country almost to a point of no return.  The photos will show you just one section of the city – the Avenue de Flandres near the Stalingrad Metro Station, a slice of the city that has already experienced the devastation of uncontrolled mass migration of Muslims who share nothing in common with the country in which they have invaded; excuse me, migrated.  The photos are surreal.  Wake-up America because the same plan is unfolding here in our country.  The crime, severe assaults bordering on major and massive civil unrest, the degradation as already experienced across Europe are planned for America.
From: Jenny...Muslim Man in Norway Raped Daughter for Being ‘Too Western’

Federal Judge Says He Sees “No Value” In Studying the Constitution
My America is Slowly Disappearing
Swimming Lessons Cannot Get Cuter Than This!

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