Sunday, October 9, 2016


2016 General Election
by Lee S Gliddon Jr

Although Donald J Trump may not be the choice of the GOP Elite, or certain disgruntled members of Congress Congress, hi is the Candidate for change.

When I heard that Rep Joe Heck (Senatorial Candidate) and Rep Cresent Hardy had withdrawn their support for Trump I was disheartened. But, when I saw Rep Joe Heck on TV speaking of Trump in tones of belittlement I got livid.

When was 'locker room talk' something to disqualify a man from gaining the office of the Presidency?
If this were true surely (in modern times) JFK, Lyndon B Johnson , Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama should have never gained the Office as President of The United States of America.

To be blunt and honest, and all of us know it, JFK was using his Office to get sexual favors. Lyndon B Johnson was heard to say, "I do not ever trust a man whose balls I do not have in my pocket." Bill Clinton was charged with rape multiple times. After lying to the US public numerous time, it was proved that he used our White House as a brothel. Barrack Obama came to us from the Gay Nightclub scene of Chicago. (nuff said)

Now, to get to the gist of this article, I will say this, "I will not vote for Joe Heck, Cresent Hardy, or any GOP member that will abandon Donald J Trump at the General Election. I will not vote for their opponent as I do not believe in their ideologies, but nevertheless I will leave the ballot blank for their hypocrisy.

My Conservative Patriot site may not be the greatest on the net, but I do have readers who think as I do.

If a named Candidate were to come out of his hypocritical stance and publicly back Trump  I might be persuaded to vote, but I will not wait too long!

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