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NOTE: Some patriots have called expressing their concern over recent events. The columns below handle them.

Apparently, no one is interested in this, because the media deems Trump's 11 years old locker room talk to be more important...From: "doug walk"...
"The main reason behind successful immigration should be painfully obvious to even the most dimwitted of observers: Some groups of people are almost always highly successful given only half a chance (Jews*, Hindus/Sikhs and Chinese people, for example), while others (Muslims, blacks** and Roma***, for instance) fare badly almost irrespective of circumstances." (Hellery "hates" all the people who are dumb enough to vote for her)
WIKILEAKS BOMBSHELL: Racist Hillary Trashes African Americans - Calls Them Losers

Yep...all this distractive flack from the pc-speak, “Men are beasts” hypocrites...”rightly” led by the enabler shillary. This guy is spot-on right about Cryin’ Ryan and the rest. And I like what Gennifer Flowers said that Bill said about shillary.....
From: charlite...Thx, Dave in AZ.  This clip is tremendous! The speaker is a rising star, IMO!!
Can't afford NOT to watch this!...
From: Dave Bertrand  
From: "hokahey76.....
Veterans for Trump. net
Compatriots,    I know we may be disheartened by the exposure of Trumps statements regarding women in 2005, the fact remains that he at the time he said them was not a sitting president while we do not agree with what he said it must be considered in light of the behaviors while in the White House of John F Kennedy Lyndon B Johnson and of course Bill Clinton each of whom nefarious in their behavior and actions toward women.
     As I am extremely upset at those Republicans who have now turned against Donald Trump and  refuse to support his candidacy the net the national Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans Coalition will not endorse any Republican member of Congress or u.s. senator seeking reelection or any non-incumbent candidate seeking such office has turned against Donald Trump or is unwilling to support his candidacy. I suspect that the bushes the clintons and Ryan are in collusion in this regard. The die has been cast America is at stake it is up to us to stand fast in our principles and prevent our nation from falling into the hands of evil people who seek our demise John Molloy  osj  chairman National Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans Coalition.  Please feel free to share this message.    (no link)

From: Jenny...Trump New Voter Registration Soars: 2 Million Door Knocks in a Week and a Half

From: Millie Karnop.....Re: HRC.....
One small comment more...Trump has spent the last 35 years building an empire, making mistakes, learning from them and then building upon the education from his mistakes...Killary and her ilk of a philandering spouse has spent the last 35 years making it her legacy for the high number of murders, the overthrowing of the USA, protecting her philandering, lying spouse's abuse of just makes no sense of what people think..guess they do not think or cannot..private conversation, 11 years ago and it is something to get rid of a patriot was "his and his friends" conversation, no one else need put their nose into it...I bet over 90% of DC has done more and I bet there are 50% of our males in our country that have done the same and you know what?  We females are very good at making these types of remarks and pinching guy's butts also!    (no link)
From: charlite.....Why The Trump Tapes Don't Matter !! [Consider the ALTERNATIVE!]

AND...From: Devvy...GOP Voters Heckle Paul Ryan, Chant: “SHAME ON YOU!” at Rally!

WATCH – Ann Coulter Comes Forward, Issues THIS Urgent Warning to Voters...Ann Coulter spells out the true threat Hillary is to our country!

From: Jenny...Wikileaks Release: Hillary Clinton Press Sec Says Gun Control to Be Implemented by Executive Order

Hillary’s Private Speeches: “Let’s Make America into Europe”
(Natural News) There's a point where we all just have to break out in laughter at the idiocy...

From: charlite...
Powerful indictment of this thoroughly 'ugly American.' - [ITEM: He renounced his American citizenship in 1993, joined Nicaraguan communist rebels - just one of dozens of anti-American activities..............should be allowed to be anywhere near our White House.]

From: Devvy...Tim Kaine Calls State Borders ‘Just a Dotted Line, a Boundary’
From: sherzieve.....
Allowing them to vote immediately...if they vote Democrat...From: "John Rolls" 
Administration Rushes More Than 900 Refugees Into U.S. On Consecutive Days, On Track for 185,000 in FY 2017 – Breitbart 

BJ3: And, of course, here’s why Timmy (above) said that...Thousands of ineligible aliens voting in critical swing states

From: Savage...Doggone silly: California pet is sent voter registration form...
(Daily Sheeple) We’ve heard about dead people and illegal immigrants being registered

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