Sunday, October 9, 2016


Uncovered ABC News Footage: Bill Clinton Grabs Woman Between Her Legs

Next Dutch Prime Minister Front-Runner Geert Wilders Vows to Ban Qur’an, Close All Mosques [video]
DOJ Drops Case Against Arms Trafficker to Whom Obama and Hillary Authorized Weapons Transfers
No One Marches and Burns the Town Down When A White Man is Murdered
Russia Is Preparing For A Nuclear War With The United States
Emails Reveal White House & State Dept. Worked Together to “Crush” Clinton Email Scandal
Major Hungarian Intelligence Operative Exposes Islamic Invasion As an European Union Attempt to Wipe Out the West
Flint Lead Problems Just Got Worse
Here Is One Very Simple Reason For Why Gold And Silver Were Massacred This Week… And Why Prices Will Rise Soon
Muslim International Student CUTS THROAT of Female Student, Gets Put in Chokehold by Heroic Canadian Boy
‘Unconstitutional’: Yahoo Secretly Scanned All Incoming Emails for US Intelligence
DOD Pledges To Try And Fix Large Payments To Afghan Troops Who Don’t Even Exist
Report: Government Running Simulations of Nuclear War, False Flags, Economic Collapse: “They Can See What Happens Next”
America’s Stock Bubble Preservation Insanity
President Obama Blames Climate Change (not Hillary) for War in Syria!
Salma Hayek Wants to Emotionalize the Presidential Campaign to Steal Votes
Hillary Clinton Removed State Security from Plane to Put Clinton Foundation Executives On Board
Hillary Clinton, A Communist?

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