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Donald Trump Meets With Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi...

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sundance | September 19, 2016 URL: http://wp.me/p1kzlW-vID
update-1NEW YORK, NY – Donald J. Trump met with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in New York today during his visit to the UN General Assembly. Mr. Trump and President el-Sisi discussed the strategic bilateral relationship between the U.S. and Egypt focusing on political, military and economic cooperation between the two countries.
The meeting also included Mr. Trump’s senior advisors, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) and Lieutenant General Michael Flynn (Ret.).

Mr. Trump thanked President el-Sisi and the Egyptian people for what they have done in defense of their country and for the betterment of the world over the last few years. He expressed great respect for Egypt’s history and the important leadership role it has played in the Middle East.
Mr. Trump expressed to President el-Sisi his strong support for Egypt’s war on terrorism, and how under a Trump Administration, the United States of America will be a loyal friend, not simply an ally, that Egypt can count on in the days and years ahead.
Mr. Trump emphasized the strong partnership that the United States and Egypt have shared for so many years and how this relationship is vital to help promote peace and stability in the Middle East, broader region and the world. Mr. Trump also expressed his recognition of Egypt’s close relationship with Israel on countering terrorism.
Mr. Trump highlighted how Egypt and the U.S. share a common enemy and the importance of working together in defeating radical Islamic terrorism, not only politically and militarily, but also addressing the ideology.
Mr. Trump emphasized to President el-Sisi his high regard for peace-loving Muslims and understands that every day there are people of goodwill that sacrifice their lives and fortunes to combat the growing threat of radical Islamic terrorism.
Mr. Trump said that if he were fortunate enough to win the election in November, he would invite President el-Sisi on an official visit to the United States and would be honored to visit Egypt and the Egyptian people who he has a great fondness for. (link)
el-sisi United Nationstrump-winning-2
Dear readers, we cannot adequately encapsulate the incredible potential, what is entirely possible, in our future if these two leaders can unify their demonstrably effective goals.

*NOTE* We are waiting to see if a picture was taken....

For several years we have discussed how President Obama’s ideology was summarily rebuked by the majority of the Egyptian people who saw themselves become victims to Obama’s policies, which stemmed from his short-sighted fuse-lighting during his 2009 Cairo speech, which ultimately empowered Muslim extremists and gave birth to the “Islamist spring” in 2010.
Egypt Freedom Loss 2
sisi and abdullah iiAl-Sisi has been one of the voices within the Mid-East, along with Jordan’s King Abdullah (both pictured right), who has consistently advocated for secular governance and minority religious protection. In short, both Abdullah and Sisi have been lone calm voices amid a fury of chaos unleashed by Obama’s policy.
At the core of their leadership perspective, and when comparing their views and perspectives toward national governance as it relates to larger global issues, both al-Sisi and Donald Trump have much in common. Which raises the possibility of a very real and reasonable realignment within the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
Before sharing a personal hope, here’s a summary of action taken by al-Sisi showing his commitment to eliminating extremism – Originally outlined January 2015:
el sisi 3In recent days some western media have begun to take note of Egypt’s President Fatah al-Sisi who challenged the larger Muslim religion to confront violent religious extremism.
However, with this recent attention few are paying attention beyond the words to the concrete actions al-Sisi has quietly taken in the past eighteen months to put action where his mouth is.
So allow us to highlight some of the actionable items that showcase a man of action behind his words. Since reluctantly taking power in 2013 Fatah al-Sisi has:
Disbanded the Muslim Brotherhood as a political terror entity. (link) (link)

Arrested those who burned churches and attacked Coptic Christians. (link) (link)
Jailed or banished the extremist forces. (link)

Supported Israel’s right to exist and defend it’s borders. (link) (link)

Defeated Hamas in the border region. (link) (link)

Destroyed the border terror tunnels used by Hamas (link) (link)

Pressured Hamas and the PA to negotiate the ceasefire, and forced the PA and Hamas to assemble ONE negotiating group for their interests. (link) (link)

Fought extremism in the Sinai region, and fought against ISIS infiltration
Fought the Libyan new al-Qaeda network “Libyan Dawn”. (link)

Charged and prosecuted the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood, who fled to Qatar. (link)

Followed the MB to Qatar and initiated sanctions against Qatar until they stopped financing and harboring terror. (link)

Formed a coalition against Qatar including the UAE and Saudi Arabia who withdrew their ambassadors and isolated Qatar in the region. (link) (link)

Won reelection with almost 70% of the vote. (link) (link ) (link)

Holds an 80%+ job approval rating among ALL Egyptians. (link)

Shut down Qatar financed Al Jazerra propaganda machine. (link)

Supported the framework for a new constitution which supports minority protections. (link)

Won a victory against Qatar as they finally conceded and stopped safeguarding terrorists. Sending the MB leadership to the new safe harbor of Turkey. (link)

United the moderate (non violent) Arab coalition, the Gulf Security Council, and constructed a unity principle that supports the safety of Jordan and formed a coalition to defend if needed. (link)

Faced down and quietly defeated Turkey’s bid for a security council seat in the United Nations. (link) (link)

Negotiated a safe passage coalition for Israel and Greece to form an energy based economic trade agreement.
Continues to fight the Islamist extremists inside Libya. (link) (link)

Continues to fight ISIS in the Northern Sinai region. (link) (link) (link)

Expanded the border safety zone with Gaza to insure greater control and protection from weapons smuggling. (link)
el-sisiDespite President Obama undermining Egypt, these are a few of the actions Egypt has taken before standing in front of the heads of the country’s leading Muslim groups and calling for them to confront the misleading ideologies harming Islam and Muslims worldwide.” In response to al-Sisi’s speech Al-Azhar stated:
CAIRO: Dar al-Iftaa has responded to President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi’s call for a “religious revolution” by launching a national project aiming to correct the image of Islam through social media, foreign visits, publications, and issuing fatwas that “suit the modern age,” Ibrahim Negm, advisor to the Grand Mufti said in Friday press statements.
“We should closely examine the situation in which we are in. It does not make sense that the thought we sanctify pushes this entire nation to become a source of apprehension, danger, murder and destruction in the entire world,” Sisi said in a Thursday speech before Egypt’s top religious leaders on the occasion of the Birth of Prophet Mohamed.
“I am not saying the religion [itself]. I am saying this thought that has been sanctified; texts and thoughts that have been sanctified for hundreds of years. And disagreeing with [these texts and thoughts] has become very difficult. To the extent that [this thought] makes an enemy of the whole world,” Sisi added.
Dar al-Iftaa, Egypt’s government-sponsored religious institution responsible for issuing fatwas and religious opinions, will work to achieve the “highest degree of effective communication” with Muslims in Egypt, Arab countries and the world.
Established in 970, Al-Azhar is the most prestigious Sunni institution in the Islamic world.
Al-Azhar’s newly formed Monitor of Infedilizing Fatwas Dept., which responds to radical Islamists’ fatwas labeling other Muslims apostates, has already issued many articles slamming the “extremist opinions” of “non-specialized” sheikhs that receive the attention of a segment of Muslims.
“You cannot feel what [this thought] is when you are inside it. You have to get out of it, inspect it, and read it with a real enlightened thought. You need to take a strong stance. I am reiterating, we need a religious revolution,” Sisi said in his speech, prompting Al-Azhar scholars to applaud. (read more)
el sisi with copts 2el sisi with copts
That was almost two years ago. Now today, we have the very real potential for something even more astounding to happen. Something wonderful.
During one of the GOP primary debates Jeb Bush attempted to ridicule Donald Trump by saying that solving the Israeli/Palestinian conflict was not like negotiating some kind of business real estate deal.
However, many, including CTH, immediately recognized the historic mid-east tension and fighting had entirely been about “real estate”. The potential for any peace deal would entirely involve “real estate”.
Now, consider this. Knowing everything above, and knowing the overarching perspectives behind all of the conflict, and knowing the current issues with the northern Sinai region, and knowing how ultimately all key leadership want a lasting legacy of significance.... .
...Think about Fatah al-Sisi, Benjamin Netanyahu, Mahmoud Abbas and Donald Trump meeting together in Camp David and finding a real estate solution possibly including part of the Northern Sinai region.
Lastly, if you think about the current construction enhancements, and changes taking place with the Suez Canal zone, there’s an outline -tenuous though it might be- of something entirely possible.
trump neito 3
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